A whole new world!

In the lead up to my trip I planned on starting a new blog. Yeah, didn’t happen. I had to be 35,000 feet up in the air with nothing better to do at 3 o’clock in the morning to actually start this blog.

But here I am, the good ‘ole US of A. On a plane somewhere over Illinois, where the outside temperature is -71F. Crazy stuff.

I flew into Los Angeles this afternoon after a 14 hour flight from Sydney. Let me take a moment to make a big shoutout to V Australia, who were amazing – I’d definately be happy to fly with them again. It helped that I had an empty seat next to me and some space to spead out, but overall the flight was great – good food (for plane food), good entertainment (Twilight: Eclipse!!) and I got a good amount of sleep (8 hours maybe) so got to LA feeling a little strange and dizzy, but not really tired. Only probably with that is that it’s now 3am New York time, and I have a whole day of things planned for when I land.

Flying out of Sydney was funny – mum was on the phone to me telling me to look after my passport and money… oh, and to hunt down the Naked Cowboy in Times Square and get a photo (LoL, thanks mum!) and being told by the check-in lady that my bags were 4kg over the limit (pretty much due to the 10 packets of Tim Tams and other random Australian candy I had stashed in there) so I took 6 packets of Tim Tams out, and she said she’d let me get away with the other 2kg. Too bad for her that I just picked up the Tim Tams, took them through to the Duty Free shop, picked up a Duty Free bag and then took them as carry on, haha!

Flying over the US at night is great – it’s a beautiful clear night out there, and every little town (and big city) we pass over is all lit up. I’ve been following the states we have flown over on the map (California, Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa & Illinois so far, and then Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania and most likely New Jersey before we hit New York!)

LAX was pretty scary – immigration is every bit scary as people say it is, and I was happy to be out of there! The terminal our Virgin America flight was out of had only a Burger King and a Starbucks, so we settled for BK – and lucky I remembered from my previous experience that their small = our large… Even so, I did have my first indulgence today and drink two “small” (read: large) cups of pink lemonade…. and some Flipz (chocolate covered pretzels which were the bain of my existance when I was in the USA in 2005!) Oops.

I have lots planned for New York, starting with the WICKED Behind The Emerald Curtain tour in the morning (ie. in 6 hours!) and my first attempt at the Wicked Lottery tomorrow… (eeeeee) Will be updating this as much as possible so stay tuned!


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