NYC Day 3: I would walk 500 miles (and I would walk 500 more…)

There are so many things that make me want to yell “I love New York” at the top of my lungs, like I’m on some cliche poster of a cityscape set in Times Square. But I really, really do love this place. I wish I was staying longer (my bank balance screams the opposite).

Day 3 brought the feeling of belonging, and the reality (finally) that I am actually in New York City. My vertigo (the feeling that, when I stand or sit still, I am swaying/dizzy) has subsided slightly, and staying up for 30 hours and making it through until 8pm on that first day here in New York definately helped the adjustment to the time change.

This morning I took the subway (which I am now pretty good at catching, which is a bummer since I’m nearly finished my time here!) over to Brooklyn and met Claire. I was amazed at how beautiful it is over there – definately somewhere I’d like to live! We walked around and looked at some parks (and some spots where Gossip Girl is apparently set, except that I’m not really down with the xoxo so it didn’t mean much to me… but still pretty!) I checked out this cool park with a big war memorial, and was admiring the beautiful green grass until I realised it was FAKE – astroturf! How funny!

We walked the Brooklyn Bridge with a swarm of other tourists (and strangely enough, what looked like locals running across the bridge carrying hand weights!) which was a nice experience. We stopped and took photos. The weather here is surprisingly nice, and it was quite a warm day. We walked over the bridge around 11am but it was still hot and I even got a little bit of colour.

From the end of the bridge we walked down to South Street Seaport, where we went to TKTS to get tickets to shows – I got an 11th Row ticket to Next To Normal for half price (which greatly excited me, thinking that 11th row was great, until we got there to realise that the theatre only has about 16 rows of seats in the stalls, haha!) and Claire got a ticket to Phantom of the Opera. We wandered around looking for somewhere for lunch, and ended up eating at a cool pub with a water view (not hard when you’re at South St Seaport haha!) I must admit I have been eating SHOCKINGLY since I’ve arrived (what’s a vegetable?) and am looking forward to eating something ‘normal’!

After lunch Claire and I split up and I went to the BODIES Exhibit. It was really interesting, but a bit creepy seeing real dead bodies with their skin removed. There were some especially interesting parts however, I really enjoyed it!

We finally took our first cab ride down to the ferry terminal near the Statue of Liberty, and got on line to ride the boat out to Liberty Island. I just want to point out here that if anyone is intending on doing this, do it EARLY in the day. We got there about 2pm, and it took about 45 minutes for us to get on a boat – you had to get your tickets, and then line up for about half an hour, go through an airport-style security check (I got a pat down because my sports bra obviously had too much metal in it!) and then stand on another line to board the boat. I was a nice ride out, but because we were both tired and hot and short of time, we didn’t get off at either island. It was cool to see the big green lady in person however!

Rochelle had emailed me yesterday saying that Hilary Duff was in NYC and I should go and see her, so I found out that she was releasing a novel and doing a signing at Borders at Colombus Circle, so I caught a subway up there and got on line for the signing. They were really strict (with a print out of rules!!) and you weren’t allowed to get it personalised or a posed photo or anything. I met some cool people on line, and it took us about an hour and 45 minutes to get to the front of the line and meet her. She was really nice and asked where I was front and told me that she loved Australia (as most celebrities do!).

Today was the day of cabs, as I caught one back to my hotel, quickly showered, and then caught another cab down to Broadway to make it to my show on time. I went and saw Next To Normal which was fabulous – the emotion in it was great, and even though I saw the understudy for Natalie (who is actually an actress who is famous of being on the Bold & the Beautiful in the past) the whole cast was fabulous!! I really enjoyed the show and would recommend it to anyone visiting New York who is into musical theatre!

Claire and I had planned to go to the Empire State Building after our shows, however as we started walking down Broadway to 34th Street (about 10 metres after a street vendor offered to sell me an umbrella and I turned him down) it started pouring with rain, like torential style. We decided from there that we would just go back to our hotels, and so I ran off down the street for about 3 block to grab a cab! By the time I got back to my hotel I was drenched from my knees to feet (I was wearing jeans and thongs) and looked like a drowned cat! Quite funny! It wasn’t overly cold, and I didn’t mind too much – just another experience in the city!

I’m looking forward to the rest of my trip, but NYC has really made an impression on my heart, and I will definately be back here in the future. There are SO many things I want to do and see here, but unfortunately my time restrictions don’t make that possible!

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One Response to NYC Day 3: I would walk 500 miles (and I would walk 500 more…)

  1. Rochelle says:

    YAY!! I’m so glad you loved NYC…. Reading your blog and seeing your photos has made me get the major travel itch (even though i was there in April, and going to the UK in Dec). I just wish it were so much cheaper to get anywhere from Australia.

    Have a lovely rest of your holiday.

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