NYC Day 4 : The best $9.64 I’ve ever spent! (Oh, and did I mention I won the Wicked Lottery?)

I’ve finally caught up with my blogs, and am now officially writing them at the end of the day that has just happened, as opposed to the day after! Snaps for me!

It’s 3:20am and I’m just looking around my hotel room thinking that I need to get to sleep, because I have to be packed and out of this room in just over 8 hours. Eek.

New York has come to an end faster than I would have liked.

I planned to not plan too much today, and just go with the flow and do a little of this and a little of that.

I got up leisurely (after a slightly late night last night) and organised myself. My plan had been to get my laundry done before I leave for CT tomorrow, and I realised that I’d left it a little late, so I called a place that I found on google, and then decided to catch a cab up to 83rd Street to drop it off (since it was after 10am and they had already done all the pickups). The guy who owned the laundry was a little West Indian man who thought I was totally adorable and was talking about cricket with me – to put it into perspective, I know NOTHING about cricket, but that’s more than probably 98% of New Yorkers know! Laundry is done here by weight, and so my 11 pound bag of laundry cost me just $9.64 to be washed and folded AND delivered back to my hotel tonight. A same day service for less than $10! Crazy! Props to Andy & Rich Cleaners on East 83rd (2nd/3rd) on the Upper East Side!!

I walked downtown from 83rd Street to 59th Street. [I’m getting good at my NY skillz now – did you know that 8 Avenue blocks (east to west blocks) is equal to a mile, and 20 Street blocks (north to south) is equal to a mile. Oh, and a mile is 1.6km.] I finally got into an AT&T store and got my US cell phone sorted out (so if you need the number, send me a message on Facebook or Twitter) and browsed a CRAZY huge candy store called Dylan’s.

I also stopped in at Bloomindale’s, which has always been a storybook place for me – and now I think “What was 12 year old Babysitters Club girl Stacey doing in shopping there – seriously? Were her parents millionaires?” It was all black marble and very pretty. A couple of ladies tried to sell me perfume , and a cute guy (selling Clarins, LoL) asked me on a date. I passed since I am leaving tomorrow. Too bad.

Then I wandered over to Central Park. Now Central Park is one of those things that I could take or leave. I like parks, but I’m not really one to do a 5-hour walking tour of the place. But my NY Pass did include a 3-hour bike hire, so I hired a bike, rode it around in circles in Central Park for an hour, and then returned it. I took a bunch of photos, but I couldn’t tell you where exactly I was when I took them, nor did I see any of the famous statues and stuff. I was lost and dizzy and scared that I would get a puncture and have to pay some crazy amount of money to the bike company for “breaking” the bike.

After I returned the bike I walked downtown to Broadway, where I wandered around, wrote some postcards, checked my email at the McDonalds on Broadway and 51st (yay for free WiFi!) and then decided to catch a cab back to the hotel for a rest and to change etc, because last night when I saw Next To Normal I was super tired from all the stuff we’d done during the day.

I rested and got changed and then about 4:30 headed across town to Broadway. My initial plan was to hit up Top of the Rock before Wicked, but instead I decided to go down to the Gershwin and enter Wicked Lotto one last time. I got there about 5 minutes before 5, put my name in and waited with the other 250-300 people there.

And yes, I won. My name was the first one called and I couldn’t quite believe it. I already has a restricted view ticket, and the last lady to be called got a single and had a friend with her, so I approached her and asked her if she wanted to buy my restricted ticket from me, which she did. The 2 ladies were locals in their 40’s or 50’s probably (with very strong NY accents) and invited me to eat with them, so we got Subway and went and ate in a nice park and chatted about all kinds of things.

I sat in BB101 for the show, which is the first seat in the front row centre section, but is slightly different to Sydney because of the difference in the stage size/setup, so it was a great seat! I was a bit hesitant about seeing Mandy Gonzalez again, but she was good. She was still overly dorky, but I guess everyone has their own way of playing Elphie, and not everyone can be Jemma 😉 Katie Rose Clarke, however, is HILARIOUS, and I love how every little action she makes is so over the top! During Popular when she was hugging Mandy side-to-side when they are on her bed, she flung Mandy to one side so hard that her glasses flew off and went flying across the stage! Quite funny!

Afterwards I went to the Stage Door and met Katie Rose Clarke and Alex Brightman (who plays Boq) who were both adorable. I gave Katie Rose Clarke a packet of Tim Tams and she was like “Oh I love these!” and then ripped the packet open right there and them and started stuffing them in her mouth and offering them to other cast who came out the stage door, and then continued to signed and talk to people with a mouthful of biscuit!

I walked down Broadway and saw a group still around the Stage Door for Promises, Promises, so I wandered over, and about 5 seconds later Kristen Chenoweth came out. It was pretty crazy (like worse than Jemma coming out on closing night in Sydney!) and she signed for about 15-20 people (including me) but didn’t take photos with anyone. She is so tiny and cute and LOUD!

I went up to Top of the Rock and had a look around and took some photos of the city lights – the elevator ride up was crazy – 69 floors in 46 seconds – I really felt like I was in Willy Wonka’s great glass elevator! I hadn’t spent a night out in NYC so I decided after that to go for a walk into Times Square, take some photos, and check out some shops! I went into American Eagle and found a skirt (thank God!) that was on sale which is good because I only bought one skirt and one pair of shorts, and am about to spend 10 days in HOT weather!) Another boy flirted with me and told me I was adorable and asked me out for dinner. What is up with this? Is it hit on girls with an Australian accent day??? So then after I deflated my head and exited the door, I found a diner, ate some dinner (at 12:30am, haha!) and then finally headed back to the hotel about 1:30am.

I should really get some sleep. Tomorrow I have to check out of the hotel by 12pm, and then am catching my bus from here to Connecticut at 6pm.

On the list for tomorrow is basically more walking around, picking up some little things to take with me (4 for $10 1 [heart] NY shirts anyone?) and possibly a quick lap of 5th Avenue. There are SO many things I haven’t gotten around to doing here… but I’ll be back.

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2 Responses to NYC Day 4 : The best $9.64 I’ve ever spent! (Oh, and did I mention I won the Wicked Lottery?)

  1. Zena says:

    You’re amazing lol .. I love it .. your blog .. has been the best part of my day!
    Well, yes the miners were rescued, but for that I cried .. with your blog I LOLed!!

    Can I go to NY with you the next time?
    I have been told I am light to travel with 😉

  2. Kirsten says:

    Sounds like you’re having an amazing time Cyndi! I’m so jealous! xx

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