Lazy Days in CT… (Days 6, 7 & 8)

Hello world!

Yes, I’m still alive (you were wondering, weren’t you?)

I’ve been hanging out in CT the last few days, just kicking back and relaxing a little after my big few days in NYC.

Thursday my friend Kathleen had to work – we all slept in til around 10ish (which wasn’t really a sleep in considering that we didn’t go to bed until nearly 5am) and Kath and her flatmate had to go to work around 12, so I just hang out at the apartment for a while and lazed around – pretty much bliss.

I decided that I’d go to a local mall to check it out, so I called a cab, which took like an hour to come – a stark contrast to NYC, haha. I got to the mall and it was dead quiet, like there were only a handful of people about (this is about 3pm) and I felt like I was in a ghost town! I actually picked up some good bargains – I went to Old Navy and searched through the discounted racks and got a pair of denim shorts for $3, a pair of jeans for $7 (size 10!!) and a long sleeved shirt for $6. I also splurged on a hoodie at Abercrombie & Fitch for $39 because they are usually $65. That place smells AMAZING!

I love being out and about in the US, because most people in stores are super friendly, and want to talk to you for ages and ask questions and tell you how adorable you are 🙂 I went into this other store which was kinda like General Pants, and picked up a Roxy skirt for $10 (down from $45) and the girls there were obsessed with my accent and wanted me to keep talking!

I went back to Kathleen’s apartment and discovered a channel on TV that had Law & Order: SVU on repeat, so I watched that, showered and just hang out, and then Kath called me from work and was like “do you wanna go out for dinner”, so I got dressed and we went out to Applebee’s for dinner. I’m still in awe at how cheap things are over here. Applebee’s has a special for 2 people where you can get an appetizer to share, and then two entrees (mains) for $20. I got a steak with vegies and a giant baked potato – I was so excited to eat brocolli for the first time in like a week!!

They had kareoke so Christine (K’s roommate) and I sung Taylor Swift’s “Today Was a Fairytale”… and then when we left and walked outside the same song was playing over the speaker system. I can’t get over how much Taylor Swift is on the radio here. It seems every time we get in the car it’s on!!

Yesterday we left Groton (where K lives) and drove to Mystic so I could try her favourite cafe, Mystic Soup Co. We had an AMAZING chicken toasted sandwich with avocado, cheese and something called apple bacon (?) on it! Now I know why K goes on and on and on (and ON) about this place!

Then we drove to K’s aunt’s place in Rocky Hill and hung out there for a little bit. K’s cousin Kara was hungry, so we went to On The Border (a Tex-Mex restaurant) and I had dessert (because it was like 3pm and I didn’t want to have another lunch) and it was yum… it was like an Apple Crumble with ice cream and a caramel sauce. And strawberry lemonade which was AMAZINGLY yum!

We went to the Lady Antebellum concert last night (which we had kinda forgotten that we were going to!) and it was awesome. David Nail opened and we got to meet him in the intermission. Lady A were awesome! What surprised me was that the audience was mostly people my mothers age, apart from the 3 squealing teenaged girls in the front row and the 4-year old next to us!

When we got back from the concert K’s dad was watching the start of the Yankee’s baseball game, so we joined him and I watched my first ever baseball game on TV. It was pretty addictive – I think I might start following baseball – and I think I’m gonna have to be a Yankee’s fan!

Today we slept in (yaaay!) and then went back to K’s aunty’s place to CARVE PUMPKINS. I was so excited at the prospect of carving my very own first halloween pumpkin. Haha. We got to pick out a stencil (I picked a simple face for my first time!) and then had to hollow out the pumpkin, stab it, draw it, carve it… So fun! K’s aunty Kim did a cookout and gave me a nearly-raw hamburger (oops) so then she took it back and I had a turkey burger instead – never knew turkey came in a burger!!

Later in the afternoon we went to Target & Walmart for some light shopping/browsing and I tried on some funny halloween costumes for fun – like a HOTDOG. Haha. There were costumes for little kids and adults and even DOGS – apparently some people dress up their dogs as hotdogs for halloween!

We got takeout from K’s favourite mexican place for dinner and I had a chicken taco and tried refried beans and a fajita. It was yummy. We ordered 3 dishes and got this MASSIVE paper bag of food enough to feed 5 of us and still have leftovers!!

We’re heading off to Orlando tomorrow – the “REAL” start to our vacation! I’m excited to fly (although not excited to be getting up at 5am)!!

PS. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments about my blogs. I am really enjoying writing them and having you all tell me how much you love reading them! If you didn’t know, I have more photos on my facebook page, which are all in clearly labelled albums. Enjoy!

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2 Responses to Lazy Days in CT… (Days 6, 7 & 8)

  1. Tony Davidson says:

    Cyndi, was going to ask where the last few days blogs were as i thought i missed them lol. Starting to make me hungry with all descriptions of the food and wish i could be savouring it all lol. Keep enjoying yourself and travel safe. Keep the photos going and looking forward to the next blog.

  2. Kirsten says:

    Still doing really well with the making me jealous thing. I have decided once I’ve paid off the credit card I’m starting to save for a trip to the US. No more spending money on things I don’t really need. And more trips to the library so I stop buying so many books!

    Can’t wait to hear more of your adventures lovely! xx

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