10 things I am thankful for (a little sidetracking)

Homesickness is rife. I miss vegemite on toast. I miss roast lamb with mint jelly. I miss organic crunchola with strawberry Ski yoghurt. Just to throw something non-food related in there, I miss having a whole wardrobe to choose from.

But there are a lot of things I love here. Cheap food prices (which can also be a bad thing), strawberry lemonade, meeting awesome people and trying things I never thought I would experience.

So to draw away some of the negative “I’m homesick, woe is me” feelings, here is a list of 10 things I am thankful for (sorry to those of you that thought this was going to be another blog about my trip – there will be one of those soon, I promise.)

#10 – I am thankful for airplanes. I mean, how would people come to the other side of the world without them. I’m also thankful for the people who invented them, and then people who invented the ways of keeping them nice and working well so we don’t fall out of the sky. And I’m thankful for whoever invented those little throw-up bags that come in the seat pocket in front as well.

#9 – I am thankful for email. And twitter. And facebook. And all those things that help you keep in touch with your family and friends when you are on the other side of the world!

#8 – I am thankful for rollercoasters. And for the amazing thrill they give you. And for the people who don’t let you chicken out when you are scared.

#7 – I am thankful for beds. And sheets and pillows and doonas. And hotels for sleeping in. And money to pay for all these things. What a wonderful world we live in that (if you have the money for it) you can travel halfway around the world and still be able to have the comforts of home.

#6 – I am thankful for work. I am thankful that I can have a job, and that I live in a country where there are nearly enough jobs to go around. And I’m thankful for all the great people I have met through my work, and all the fun things I get to do!

#5 – I am thankful for music. I am thankful for the amazing beats, tunes and lyrics. For the fact that someone else can put EXACTLY what I am feeling to music without knowing that I am feeling it. And with the happiness that music can bring.

#4 – I am thankful for food. Let’s face it – sure, they might not stock the kind of yoghurt I’m used to back home here in the USA, but there is food, and an abundance of it. And is it GOOD. It could be worse right – I could be starving in Africa.

#3 – I am thankful for my family. They are annoying at times, but they’ll be there forever.

#2 – I am thankful for poptarts. They are an “anytime” food in that I could happily eat (and have eaten) them for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack! They have saved a few situations! And they come in something crazy like 27 flavours. YAY for poptarts.

#1 – I am thankful for my friends. I know that I’m pretty hard to swallow, pretty loud, pretty full on. I know that 90% of people (92%? 95%?) probably couldn’t handle spending long amounts of time with me. So here’s a big thanks to all those people that actually CAN put up with me and my Galinda-ish outburst, my over-enthusiastic enthusiasm and my obsessive compulsive and controlling nature. I love you all.

The Shortlist: things that didn’t make the Top 10 but should be mentioned (mostly because I thought they were a bit shallow.)

Taylor Swift: for her musical stylings; Taylor Lautner: for that cute face and HOT body; All forms of Lemonade: just cos; Bathing Suits: because swimming in denim shorts isn’t too fun;

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