Plugged Noses & Mutant Broccoli: Welcome to Florida

I love to fly. Longhaul, shorthaul, even in those horrible little planes that fly out to Broken Hill and bounce around like a goldfish on carpet…. I love it. So to fly to Orlando with Kathleen was a bunch of fun. And especially since, even after 5 days, still in the awesome “everything you say is amusing” stage.

We got to the airport early on Sunday morning, and after checking in (where my bag made the cutoff of 50 pounds by 2 pounds – or .9kg! woo) we continued on our epic search for Connecticut postcards, which we semi-fulfilled by buying some “New England” postcards (which were actually pictures of Vermont, but oh well!)

So I get on the plane, and decide to ask a question of a lady standing in about Row 8 wearing a bright yellow shirt. Now usually in Australia a flight attendant will place themself about 8-10 rows up the plane in an aisle to help direct you and help putting bags in the overhead compartment. So of course, I think this lady is one of those, so I proceed to talk to her, and then realise, mid-sentence, that she infact NOT one of those “plane ladies” and proceed to tell her this. Whoops. Kathleen, meanwhile, is in hysterics.

And this continued pretty much the whole flight. I had discovered in the waiting room that if I held my nose while I spoke, I could pretty much sound American, so if K couldn’t understand me when I said something, I’d proceed to hold my nose and say it in an “American” accent.

Mid-flight K was kinda napping, and the hostess came around to collect the trash, and K had her mouth open, so, with the hostess watching, I put my hand under her jaw and closed her mouth, waking her up in the process. All a bit funny!

When we found our driver (with a sign with my name on it!) and got to our hotel, again we couldn’t check in, so we headed off to an Outlet Mall, and then to Wet ‘n’ Wild!! I was so excited to go to a waterslide park… not entirely sure is Kath was, but it was so fun. They have a special deal where you can go for half price after 2pm (park is open 10am-5pm) and so we went at 2 and payed $25 each. There weren’t that many people there, so we got on all the slides in under 10 minutes, and at the end we rode our favourite slide (The Black Hole) twice in a row with no line!

We had dinner at TGI Friday’s – and let me once again (if I haven’t done it here yet) express my LOVE for this countries restaurants – basically anywhere you go has “bottomless” soda and lemonade, so you order a lemonade (not Sprite, but like yellow or pink cordial-like stuff, or sometimes STRAWBERRY!) and they just keep bringing you new glasses until you leave! Soooo good. But yeah, back to dinner – I got ribs, Kath got a salad. But like, that salad could have fed a whole family of herbivore dinosaurs. And if you threw in the brocolli on my plate, you probably could have fed THREE families of herbivore dinosaurs. HUGE. Like broccoli on steroids.

I must throw in a mention for the weather – warm here, gorgeous blue skies. Such a change from the 45 degrees we had in Hartford, CT as we were leaving. I feel like I’ve landed back in Sydney!

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