Phoenix, Arizona – the land of the Cactii [Happy Birthday to me]

October 23

Phoenix, Arizona. A place in this country that I have never had any desire or reason to visit, until now. The sole reason for coming to Phoenix was to see a Colbie Caillait concert on my 26th birthday.

Flying to Phoenix was an adventure in itself. Our flight from Orlando included what should have been a simple hour-long stopover in Atlanta, Georgia to change planes and arrive in Phoenix in 6 hours and 48 minutes. But upon getting to Atlanta (after a pretty simple, fuss-free flight from Orlando) we found out that the plane we were supposed to be taking to Phoenix had a problem with the air conditioning. Now the problem was – it wasn’t until the whole plane was boarded and seated (and the air hostesses had had a bit of a scuffle over some of the passengers carry-on’s) when they made us all get off. So it took them another 2 hours to get us a plane, and we finally arrived in Phoenix about 2:30pm – a full 12 hours after we woke up in Orlando to leave our hotel!

Our hotel room in Phoenix was really nice – we had a pillow menu (which I decided to order off at 11:30 at night when I discovered that neither the “firm” or “soft” pillows on our beds were to my liking) and really comfy beds on the 7th floor of the hotel.

Our adventure of the afternoon was to go on a walk in search of a post office. Unfortunately we walked in the wrong direction and finally found it at 4:59pm, where they told us that they would not sell us any stamps because they were closed. Instead we went to CVS and bought Forever stamps (Take note Australia: America sell “forever” stamps which are sold at the current cost of a single letter postage rate – which at the moment is 44c – but don’t have a value on them – just the word forever, which means that even when postage rises to 46c or 48c in the future, they can still be used without having to add another stamps for an extra 2c or 4c! SMARTIES!) and so everyone who has been receiving postcards with $1.32 worth of postage (in the form of 3 forever stamps) is extra loved since they have 34c extra postage on them than what they actually need!

For my last meal as a 25 year old we hit up this funky little Mexican place a few blocks from our hotel, on my request after being introduced to yummy Mexican food at Kathleen’s place earlier in the week! It was a little local place and dirty cheap – we each had 2 HUGE tacos with homemade taco shells for $5.15 and Kathleen got a side of rice and beans for like $2.50 or something. And the never-ending lemonade continues to rear its head… yum.

We went back to the hotel and pretty much sat around writing postcards and catching up on our internet stuff (twitter, emails, facebook, photos etc.) that we neglected while in Orlando.

Friday was my birthday and pretty much a non-event in terms of birthdayish-ness – no presents, cards, cake or phonecalls from anyone – but it was a fun, easygoing day. Kath and I had a sleep in, and went to IHOP for brunch, where they sang Happy Birthday to me and brought me a nasty sundae (which I ate about 2 spoonfuls of). Kath ordered chocolate chip pancakes and somehow ended up chocolate dessert pancakes; our server was a bit of a joke and it was probably the first time during my trip that I had thought that someone DIDN’T deserve a tip.

We went to the Arizona State fair in the afternoon where they had $1 rides, so we got $20 worth of rides and rode a bunch of things. We ate some fairy floss and gelato and talked to the cute guy giving out Harlequin Romance novels (that is, until he dropped the “I was talking to my girlfriend the other day…” when we both automatically switched off!) and then discovered that there was a radio station there giving away tickets in the front 5 rows to Colbie Caillait, so we entered the draw. While we were there we started talking to a girl, who randomly had both “Fearless” and “Speak Now” tattoos which we found to be crazy insane random! Kath’s name got called and we won 4th row seats so we gave our 11th row seats to the tattoo girl and her mum.

Colbie was really great and played a great setlist of my favourites including Fearless, I Never Told You & Bubbly and a couple of new songs! It only went for 80 minutes (pretty short for the crazy amount of money we spent flying there and on a hotel and everything) but totally worth it! Dinner was crazy bad (think raw steak after I asked for it medium-well and then sent it back twice) but you win some, you lose some.

We went back to our hotel (pretty much another crazy hotel ride) and homesickness really sank in for me – not being home and having all the usual craziness going on for my birthday was super sad, and I sat out by the window near the elevator and cried for half an hour. I am really enjoying my time in the US but sometimes it all becomes a bit too much and I long for home more than anything.

Nashville is our next stop, and it is only now that I am realizing that Taylor Swift’s new album is only a handful of days away! Eeeeeee.

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