Welcome to the Top of the World (almost…)

I know my blog is out of order. This blog should be about Nashville, but it’s not. The blog about Nashville is sitting on my hard drive, but still isn’t finished. And the Nashville blog deserves detail, and not something thrown together in 5 minutes.

So I’m gonna jump ahead, in promise that a blog about Nashville will be coming super soon.

And thus, I have arrived here in upstate New York. And when I say upstate, I mean right by the border, I can see Canada from the town square of the village I live in upstate.

Welcome to Waddington. I couldn’t even tell you the population here, because it’s that small. So small we don’t have a Walmart. Haha.

But there are 2 Walmarts (that I know of… there could be more) within a 20-25 minute drive of our place.

Yes, I said drive. I have started and taken quickly to driving in the US. You just have to remember to keep right, to cross the traffic when you turn left, and that the driver always stays in the middle of the road and you are alright most of the time (although I joke with my US friends that I’ll never be an American cop as I can’t eat a donut and drive at the same time as I have to concentrate on where I am going!)

Our house is on a decent sized piece of land, and is super pretty. My room is above the garage, and American houses have crazy heating so it could be -4 (or -40) outside and you wouldn’t know it! It’s so weird walking from outside to inside a warm house, where you have to immediately strip off your jacket, scarf, hat, gloves…

There isn’t much to do here except spend money at Walmart (haha) so I’ve been writing letters, scrapbooking, reading, sleeping!

Have just come down with a sore throat thing – probably an infection! Lucky I was smart enough to go to my doctor before I left Australia and get 2 courses of antibiotics – now the question is do I start them now or wait a day or 2 and see if it gets worse (ie. trying to figure out if it’s actually an infection!) Woo for self medicating, haha 🙂

So many things to write about, but my brain is frozen! Thanks to everyone who has been reading – I promise a few more exciting entries in the next few days!

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