10 reasons why I never want to leave the USA!

My love affair with the USA is still as strong as ever. Sure, as I have previously mentioned, there are some things that you can’t get here that I am used to at home, but the positives (read: things that will NEVER appear in Australia) outweigh the negatives by a LONG way!

So in the fashion of the Top 10 Reasons Amerian’s are fat, here are the Top 10 reasons why I want to stay in the “lucky country” forever.

#10. Microwaves that are SMART. At home, microwave popcorn is one of those things that taste AMAZING (and just like you are at the movies), but if you stuff it up, you not only don’t have popcorn, but your house then reeks of the stench of burnt popcorn for days. Enter American microwaves. Apparently it’s almost standard for modern microwaves to have their very own popcorn button. Literally – open the packet, pop it in the microwave, push the ‘popcorn’ button, and the microwave then senses the bag, and all sorts of other crazy things I can only imagine, and cooks the popcorn to perfection.

#9. Dryers big enough to dry a small (or large child). I think I am having a love affair with an inanimate object. When I saw my first American dryer I was in awe, but now that I basically have one of my own, it’s amazingness still never ceases to amaze me. It’s epic SIZE. It’s ultra fast drying speed (full load in 40 minutes? Thank you!)  I don’t think I have ever loved a household appliance this much. I LOVE DRYER!

#8. Central Heating. I thought I was going to freeze to death here. I thought I was going to have to sleep with 4 quilts, 2 blankets and a snuggie on my bed. I never realised that American houses have super-heating, where you house can be 70 degrees F 24/7. I love being able to lounge around inside in normal clothes with the knowledge that it’s below freezing outside!

#7. The People. Everyone here is SO. FREAKIN. FRIENDLY. Waiting at an intersection to cross a street and cars will stop for you and wave you across! Insanity!

#6. Walmart. LOVE! The prices are CHEAP and they have EVERYTHING!! And did I mention it was CHEAP? Also, it’s a cultural experience to just go and wander and point and laugh at all the bizarre and crazy things you can find there!

#5. Candy. I won’t deny it, I have a sweet tooth. And the crazy variety of candy here is enough to send sugar fiends into a happy coma. I discover something new every week – Reese’s Pieces, Peanut Butter Cups, and my newest discovery – Mike & Ike’s!

#4. Cold Weather. I’m addicted. I never knew cold weather could be this fun! I LOVE putting on layers, wearing my ski jacket and putting gloves and a hat on… and then running around outside in it all when it’s -1 degree C. Once you get used to it, everything becomes relevant. -5 degrees C in the morning is usual, and if it gets past 5 degrees it’s a heatwave and you can run around outside without a jacket! And the colder it gets, the closer the snow is!!! I mean, if it’s gonna be cold, you might as well go extreme – it might as well be FRICKEN cold!!

#3. TV. You get everything AS IT IS RELEASED. No need to YouTube things because you are 3 months behind. No worry about spoilers in your tweet stream. You can watch it AS IT HAPPENS. Plus as a bonus, since Taylor Swift’s new album just came out, she is on every second TV show at the moment. Oh, and as a side note – the USA channel plays Law & Order SVU ALL. THE. TIME!!!! LOVE.

#2. Being the novelty Australian. Everyone loves that I am Australian. Everyone loves that I have an accent. Everyone loves to ask me about whether Kangaroo’s really deliver our mail and if I have a pet koala at home. And American’s are totally amused by my surprise and over-excited reactions to things they find totally normal. Everyone wants to talk to you (which suits me fine, since I loooove to talk!), and sometimes, if you’re lucky, when you are shopping in Walmart, a random cute guy will come over and randomly take a (wrong) guess at where your accent is from!

#1. American is a BIIIG place. One of my favourite things about being in America is that it is crazy huge, and almost like someone went and slammed a whole heap of different countries together. Each place you go is different – there are different accents (especially when you cross the Mason Dixon line, whatever that is), different foods, different weather, different words for things. When you come to this country, you don’t get ONE cultural experience, you get a whole heap.

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One Response to 10 reasons why I never want to leave the USA!

  1. Amy says:

    i sooooooooooooooooooo want to go to America now!! Even if its just for the tv! It all sounds amazing!!

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