The long and overdue NASHVEGAS blog… [PART 1]

Writing in past-past-tense (something I just made up to describe writing about something weeks after it has happened) is harder than writing about it while it’s fresh in your mind. I mean, you have to think harder (something I avoid doing at all costs) about what actually happened for one. But it does has it’s perks – being able to look back allows you the possibility of writing more clearly because your mind isn’t fixated on the “right now”… Okay, that probably made NO sense to any of you reading this, but it made sense to me, so I will continue on, since this blog is long-overdue enough already, and me rambling just is delaying what everyone (read: Kathleen) is waiting for.


Arriving in Nashville was an excitement on it’s own (except for the fact that because we were flying Southwest we barely got seats together, with no luck of a window seat so we couldn’t really see anything out the plane as we landed, plus had to sit next to porn magazine/sunglases man, but that’s a whole other story!)

When we got into Nashville airport’s terminal we saw a big stall of Taylor Swift merchandise, and then heard recordings of Lady A and a bunch of other country artists telling us to collect our luggage and stuff… quite exciting.

We found Amanda near the baggage claim (after her tweeting us to tell us to hurry up because her feet were cold…) and accent amusement started (and continued for the remainder of the trip!)

Our wild idea on Saturday afternoon (after checking into our hotel) was to go to the Vanderbilt/USC game that was going on at Vandy Stadium that afternoon – right next to our hotel. I’d never been to an American football game before, and since USC is Amanda’s team (GO COCKS!) we bought some tickets from crazy scalpers on the corner and went.

Now I just have to stop right here and ask the question – what do American’s call it when another car drives really close behind you? As an Australian, I call that tailgating, however apparently tailgating here is parking your car in a hotel parking lot, unpacking your chairs/BBQ (gril)/random beanbag throwing games/football colours/BEER and having a party in the parking lot. Hahaha. I was so amused. Apparently this is because college football doesn’t allow alcohol (smart move America!).

The game was exciting and I made money. No, I did not gamble. All I did was buy a $4 bottle of water with a $20 bill, and ended up with $31 change. Yeah,go figure right?

I had NO idea what was going on. Like, did you know that with American football each team basically has 2 teams. A different team to attack and defend with? BIZARRE. And they stop and change teams. Not to mention those horrible leggings they wear! But I got into it (which was basically impossible not to, with Kathleen and Amanda both screaming) and in the end USC won… I think it was because we yelled the word “cocks” loudly about 40,000 times.

Sunday morning I met up with Mary, Jen, Kirsten and another of their friends and went to church in Mount Juliet where Mallary Hope‘s dad is the pastor and gave a wonderful sermon. Oh, and Mal sung in church, and her voice is beautiful. And SHE is beautiful with her cute little Tennessee accent! Haha 🙂 Afterwards we met the others at Cracker Barrel for lunch – it was SOOOOOOO yum! Seriously my new favourite restaurant after just one meal – all I wish is that I’d had room to eat more!!!

After lunch Kathleen, Amanda and I drove to the Opry and after taking numerous photos with oversized guitars we made a spur of the moment to take the Grand Ole Opry backstage tour. It was beautiful beautful beautiful and you could feel the magic. We got to go on the Opry stage and stand where hundreds of amazing country musicians before us have stood (including Taylor Swift!)

I don’t think it had sunk in at this point, but we were only hours away from Speak Now coming out. Eeeek. And this is where I am going to leave this blog!

Stay tuned for Part 2 (coming within the next 48 hours, I PROMISE!) with the story of the lead up to us buying Speak Now!

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