Nashville – Part 2 – SPEAK NOW (or forever hold your peace…)

Before I start writing about actually Nashville stuff, I have to say that I’m sorry if part 1 was kinda sucky. Like majorly sucky. Like, it should have been a whole lot more amazing, but it just wasn’t. I’ll try and make it up for you here, but I’m not promising anything.

So Sunday afternoon after we’d stuffed ourselves at Cracker Barrel and taking the Grand Ole Opry tour (just a little refresh for those of you who read Part 1… and for those of you who haven’t, STOP RIGHT NOW AND GO READ IT!!) we ummed and ahhed for a while about what to do.

Now I just must take a second here to say that I have never been on vacation with such indecisive people as Kathleen and Amanda (except for that one vacation to New Zealand with Rochelle, and but that’s a whole other story…) I myself am not a particularly indecisive person – I generally know what I want, however when I find myself with indecisive people, I find myself becoming indecisive, mainly because I don’t like feeling like I am forcing my ideas and wants on people, and at a later date or time they are going to be angry at me for making them do what I wanted to do (for lack of a better idea or nobody speaking up because they don’t want to upset anyone else… a whole vicious cycle really). Anyways, back to the story… (PS. Amanda & Kathleen, I love you both more than you know! This was not me having a go at you, LoL! x) 

Anyways, so after we finally decided that we would drive out to Hendersonville, we got in the car and went. Actually, I think we were already in the car on our way when we decided, but whatever. So we get to Hendersonville, and we decide that we are going to check out the Walmart where we are going to go later that night to buy Speak Now, and we are also going to find (read: stalk) Taylor’s parents house, because I mean, who can go to Tulsa and not go to the MOE house – right? Same thing.

So anyways, we check out the Walmart, and then head for the Swift’s house. Now I’m hoping that none of the Swift family are reading this (HI TAYLOR!!!!) but I just wanted to point out that even thought this story might make us sound like stalkers, we really aren’t. We didn’t riffle through their mailbox of steal a chunk of their lawn or even go within 100 yards of their driveway really. But this blog wouldn’t be complete without this story, so I must tell it.

So we’re driving up the street, and it’s some crazy ass windy street. And we get to the end where the house is, and of course it’s a dead end (which in turn means that they *know* that you are stalking them, because it’s not the kinda place that you can just pass by randomly on your Sunday drive…) and so we have to turn around. Now in amongst discussing whether or not we should take a picture (we decided not to) and who we though the black SUV with tinted windows parked at the top of the driveway belonged to, Amanda was also attemping to reverse in this dead-end street. So she’s like kinda pulled in to the side (I wish I could draw a diagram, but I really can’t be bothered) and was reversing out when I happened to look behind us (which clearly Amanda was not doing) and was like “shit, there is someone coming”. Yes, we nearly go into a fender bender with Papa Swift, who was returning from a football game. Imagine that. So after we safely get out of the street (luckily because there was no collision, he was able to drive straight past us and so there was no awkwardness, except for the obvious fact that we knew that he knew we were stalking his home…) we all fall into fits of laughter over the fact that we nearly just rear ended Scott Swift’s Mercedes or Lexus or whatever it was.

So on we go on our adventure, and we check out the infamous Hendersonville High School where Taylor went to school, and then happened upon a Sweet CeCe’s froyo place. And all I can say about that, is HOLY ICE CREAM HEAVEN. Seriously. There were like 8 flavours of frozen yoghurt, about a zillion toppings (think Cold Rock but like a stack more variety!) and the best thing was you DID IT YOURSELF. So we all made our own little ice cream/froyo sundae and then they weigh it and you pay by the pound!

So our plan for the evening was to head back to the hotel, lounge around a bit… basically kill time until it was time to drive back to Hendersonville and buy the album. We’d found a Steak ‘n’ Shake that we planned to have dinner at and had it all planned out.

I have to make note that we watched Pretty Woman that night as a time-killer in the lead up to Speak Now. Nothing special, except for the fact that I had never seen Pretty Woman before! So we watched that, with spurts of tornado warnings (OMG, I seriously thought that we had to hide under the beds if there was a tornado… Amanda and Kath just laughed at me! Lucky there wasn’t one!!)

Time seriously dragged. All we wanted was for the rain to go away, and for it to be 10pm so we could head to Hendersonville.

So by the time we finally got into the car and drove there, our dinner plans had gone out the window because all of a sudden we were all nerve-sick and couldn’t eat anything, and there was nothing to do in Hendersonville at 10:30 at night in the rain, so we headed in to Walmart to see if anyone was around.

We found a couple of girls, and decided to claim a bench (which Kath got really excited over – “My Walmart doesn’t have benches!!!”) – so we each bought a packet of chips and a drink and “moved in” to the audio deparment of Walmart.

We found a couple of fans (some VERY weird creepy ones who we never wish to see again in our lives) and started a line. A random Walmart employee came past and asked the CD guy what time the CD went on sale, and when he told her she said “Oh well Taylor’s dad just called and they’ll be coming down then” which made us all think that Taylor might be there herself (which also led to us consider the aforementioned tinted-window SUV to be a security car), so when midnight came and only Scott arrived, we were kinda dissapointed but not really. The plan was for Kathleen to go first, then me, then Amanda, but when it came to buying the CD the line actually started away from where we were, and a bunch of people pushed in, so I grabbed Kath and dragged her to the front (saving her from “drowning”) but I ended up being the first person to buy the CD. Someone from Taylor’s team was there and we got Speak Now bracelets and Scott was giving out guitar picks. We hung around in the store for a few minutes after buying the CD, but when we had decided that it was no longer fesiable that Taylor was going to show up, we headed for the car to listen to the CD that we had waiting what seemed like a lifetime for!

The CD. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. So we open it in the store. We look at the booklet, but then we decide to make a run for the car (in the POURING rain) and then listen to the CD track by track. We skip the tracks we’ve already heard, and listen intently, sometimes restarting a track when we get sidetracked in the middle of the song talking about who we think it’s about or a lyric or whatever. We go through the lyric book after each song to work out the secret message, and then ooh and ahh and discuss. And then we do it again for the next track, and the next, and the next.

It was seriously the most insane experience I have had of listening to a new album. Even listening to most Hanson albums (for those of you who don’t know, I’ve been a Hanson fan for 13 years) for the first time never felt like this, and I think it was because firstly, I hadn’t heard 70% of the songs on the album, and had held out against leaks in the days before; and secondly because I was with 2 people who were as excited as I was for the album.

I’m not gonna talk much more about the album here (but am planning on doing a little review or something later on, so keep an eye out) but I have to say if that you haven’t already, BUY IT! Nobody is paying me to say this, but seriously, do yourself a favour!!

Stand by for part 3 of the Nashville blog – Monday in Nashville, and goodbye to vacation. I’m tearing up just thinking about writing it!

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One Response to Nashville – Part 2 – SPEAK NOW (or forever hold your peace…)

  1. Kathleen says:

    LMAO I totally forgot about Benches in walmart..but I am still jealous… like I want to go to my walmart for a walk and just sit on the benches!!!! Lol. I miss our trip “heaps” … haha i never use that word but i know you do. Anyway, I wish you did draw a diagram of the almost car crash we got in with Papa Swift.. it would have made your blog even more amazing than it is. ❤

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