Last minute Hanson roadtrip… yes, I said HANSON!

I love last minute plans. Last minute plans mean that you don’t have to wait very long! I mean, I love when my favourite artists announce that they are going to play in Australia, but I hate the 6, 9, 12 month wait there is between buying the tickets and the actual concert happening.

So that is why I am SO excited for my last minute roadtrip that I’ve just planned for this weekend. Originally I had organised with Jen that I would go to Burlington, VT on Sunday for a Hanson concert, and come back on Monday afternoon. I was excited, but the excitement didn’t really sink in because it was still a few weeks away.

But then Jen told me that she is going to hire me a car for 4 days, I got excited and started planning out a crazy roadtrip, and somehow ended up with a roadtrip that includes 3 states and 3 Hanson concerts in 4 days!

Now when I came to the US I didn’t even THINK that I’d end up seeing a Hanson show. I didn’t even really think to look into it until a few weeks ago, and I only ever considered going to one show (I mean, it’s not 2005 anymore…)

But when you think about it, there’s no better time than the present – right? I can combine a little roadtrip (and when I say little we’re kinda talking 1000 miles, LoL) with seeing some new places, adding some new states to my list of places I’ve been and seen (PA and VT) AND visit Kathleen in CT and take her to her first Hanson concert for her birthday!

So I’m leaving on Friday for a mini-adventure. Potsdam to Stroudsburg PA, Stroudsburg to Newington CT, Newington to Burlington VT and then home to Potsdam.

I’m excited. It’s been 5 years since I’ve seen Hanson. The crazy fire isn’t there anymore to camp out for hours and hours and try and stalk there wherever they go, but I’m looking forward to going to a show where I know all the words to the songs and can sing and dance along.

I’m looking forward to meeting new friends, and taking the walk. And most of all, I’ll looking forward to seeing more of this beautiful country!

Reminiscing: meeting Zac Hanson for the first time in November 2004!

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3 Responses to Last minute Hanson roadtrip… yes, I said HANSON!

  1. Trish says:

    Wow thats awesome babe! And you come so close to NY NY too 😦

    • Cyndi says:

      Oh we are going to New York next weekend. Thanksgiving is next Thursday and we are staying in Westchester, about an hour out of NYC for 4 days – Wednesday we will drive down, Thursday Jen & I will take the kids into the city for the Macy’s parade, and then Friday Jen’s dad, stepmom and 4 brothers will arrive and all 11 of us will be there for 2 more days, and then we’ll drive home Sunday! That’s the plan at the moment!

  2. Brooke says:

    i am still super jealous!!! give tiddles a big smack around the head for me ❤

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