Every single time I see you, I start to feel this way [HOLY COW, IT’S HANSON]

I am in temporary shock.

It’s 3:30am and I’m lying in bed in a motel that reminds me of the one my grandparents owned for 20 years, still caught up in amazement at the show I saw tonight in Stroudsburg, PA.

Hanson. I know, I know. MMMBop and all that. But seriously, if you had seen tonights show, you wouldn’t be thinking that.

I hadn’t seen a Hanson show for five and a half years before tonight. I wasn’t overly excited (until today) for this show, but when we saw that first sign, when we walked in the doors, when we took our seats, my stomach filled with butterflies and that wave of… something came over me. And as those beautiful boys with their perfect hair walked out onto that stage, my eyes lit up, my heart, my soul.

This is what I have been missing the last 5 years. Sure, my “love” of Hanson seems to have been replaced by my “love” of Taylor Swift. But they really play two totally different roles in my life. Hanson’s music was the soundtrack of my younger days, of life, fun, friends. And being at one of their shows brings back all that emotion – so much so that I spent 75% of the show jumping, dancing, screaming. I felt like the last 5 years melted away into oblivion, and that I was right back there on the 2005 tour (except for the whole new songs thing)…

The lyrics from their 2000 hit “If Only” brought it home for me I think – “Every single time I see you, I start to feel this way; makes me wonder if I’m ever gonna feel this way again.” And at that point, as I heard that lyric, I realised that I had forgotten what it felt like to be at a Hanson concert. Forgotten what it felt like to be in a room of people who had, just like me, grown up with Hanson.

It’s hard to even contemplate that the band was once 11, 13 and 16 playing those same songs. They played an amazing setlist, and all my favourites – If Only, Runaway Run, This Time Around, Hey, Lost Without Each Other, Man From Milwaukee, Give a Little… They are definately a bad that, as they grow their collection of songs, their shows just keep getting better and better.

After the show we headed out to the back to hang around and see if we could get a picture or our CDs signed, but they went to the bus (practically unnoticed, although I did see them sneak over there) and then never came out.) We hung around until about 2am, practically freezing (it was 27 degrees F, or -3 for those Aussies playing at home) and meeting new people, and then headed back to the hotel (but not before having to scrap ice off the car windows with a credit card!!!)

Hanson never cease to amaze me. Never. And now I realise why I loved them so much when I was younger – because when I hear their music, when I see them play, I feel at home.

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One Response to Every single time I see you, I start to feel this way [HOLY COW, IT’S HANSON]

  1. Tash says:

    Hey Cyndi – loving your blog, you’re a great writer and I can feel the emotion behind the words! No new pics of Matty as yet but I will try to corner him as when the camera comes out he rushes round to look at the screen instead of posing for the photo!! Big love from us all here down under xoxo

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