Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

I have officially been stripped of my snow virginity.

I’ve been to the snow before. One Father’s Day when I lived in New Zealand I remember going to one of the skifields at Mt Ruapehu and making snowballs with the leftovers from the season, and my sister attempting to bring home a bunch of snow in an icecream container.

In 2006 I won a holiday to Queenstown, New Zealand, where we went skiing and tubing.

And just this weekend, as we drove home from our Thanksgiving vacation in New York City, we drove through about 120 miles of snow-covered towns and roads.

But not until today, had I experience it physically snowing. Not until today had I stood outside and had snow fall on me.

I was shopping in Massena (which, FYI, is the town about 18 miles east of Waddington, near where you cross the border into Canada) when I got a text from Jen saying that there was a blizzard in Potsdam and that I should get home. She gave me instructions on how to put the car into 4WD and told me to keep my distance and everything would be fine.

Holy cow. Driving in snow and sleet is CRAZY. It started as sleet as I left the Walmart carpark, and then slowly but surely turned into snow. As I drove the 18 miles home, my speed dropped from 45mph to 40, 35, 30mph. At times I drove in pitch blackness, thinking I was about to die. And apparently putting your high beams on doesn’t help either, as it just lights up MORE of the snow hurtling towards you! It was SCARY! I’d never been more happy to see the 2 lamp poles at the end of our driveway.

And when  I got home, the lawn had an inch or two of snow on it, so Taylor and I bundled up in ski pants and coats, boots, hats and mittens, and went for a run on the front lawn, had a snowball fight, and made the first snow angels of the season.

And then I just stood, staring into the sky, with my mouth open to catch some of the first snowflakes of the season, icy as they may be, on my tongue, and marvel at the beauty of pure and simple snow.

PS. I wouldn’t want to fool you lovely people, so I am just going to let you know that the above picture was NOT taken at our house, neither was it taken today. It was taken on Sunday on our way back from NYC, however I didn’t get any pictures today since it was dark out, so thought it fitting to use another snowy picture from the last few days!

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