Let it snow… AGAIN!

I woke up this morning to… SNOW. It’s been snowing a little bit in Waddington, but not enough to settle on the ground, so it was nice to wake up this morning at 7am to find a light dusting of snow in our front yard!

This snow is different to the other stuff we got the other day, however. It’s light and fluffy and doesn’t stick together (so not good for making snowballs or snowmen) and you can actually see the individual snowflakes if you catch them on your jacket or mittens!

I’m watching Boo and Christian today, and also their friends Carys and Rhys. This morning we went out in the snow and rode down the hill on tubes, made snow angels and played on the swingset in the snow (which was a lot of fun because the slide had snow and ice on it and we all shot off the end into a pile of snow).

Snow is beautiful. It’s like someone up there has a super bad case of dandruff, and sprinkling it all over the place.

Check out my blog’s new header! It’s a picture of the backyard in all it’s snowy glory (and perhaps a little purple manipulation!)

Here is a 12 second video I took of it this morning. Nothing spectacular, but you get the idea. It’s harder than you think to capture snowfall on video!

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