All that glitters might not be gold (It might just be snow…) – I’m gonna miss this place

Driving home tonight, the snow falling was so tiny that it glittered on the ground and in the headlights of our car.

I’m coming to the very quick realisation that I am going to miss this place like crazy. When I came here, I was a little upset that I knew nobody and had no friends, although I didn’t really overly make an effort to find people my own age to hang out with, because of my short time here. However recently I’ve started hanging out with Jen’s younger brothers Pat and Nick (they are twin 18-year-olds) and a bunch of their friends. Sure, they’re young, but I act young sometimes (okay… a lot of the time!).

Mostly we’ve just been hanging out at their place, watching movies, playing in the snow with the kids. But the other night for the first time we hung out without the kids, and went and saw the new Harry Potter movie.

And then yesterday afternoon I hung out with Pat and watched a movie, and then ended up going with Nick and his friend Jorden to see my first ever Ice Hockey game in Massena – Norwood-Norfolk HS vs. Massena HS. And I had a bunch of fun!

Even thought I’ve been here for 2 months, I’m still a bit of a novelty, and Nick’s friends at the ice rink were amazed at my stories of kangaroos and summer and beaches in Australia. They were also amused that I’d never seen an ice hockey game… and thus started our fun night.

After the game (where I tried poutine, which is fries with gravy and cheese – sounds gross, but it was actually kinda tasty!) we went to Burger King where we ordered it “your way” and wore the crowns and bibs reserved for the kids. Yeah, we acted like kids.

 And then we decided a trip to Walmart was in order, where we ran through the aisles looking for cookie cutters and frosting.

The funniest moment was when Jorden was browsing through a cart full of things (you know when stores have carts full of discounted merchandise?) and he poked at something, and suddenly a cranky woman appeared out of nowhere, declared that the cart belonged to her, and then had her husband come along and take the cart. So funny. We were in hysterics!

This afternoon I invited Nick, Amber (who is Nick’s girlfriend who came to NYC with us), Pat, Jorden and another of their friends, Amy, to come bowling with Taylor, Christian and I. The 8 of us went and bowled and then again, went to Burger King.

It’s sad to think that now, when I am finally hanging out with people, doing things, acting like an 18 year old, that I am about to leave. I am down to single digits left in this state, these towns. Waddington, Norwood, Potsdam, Massena NY have all left little imprints on me. I’ll never forgot my time here or the people I’ve met, or the things I’ve done.

I think when I get home I’m going to be whatever the opposite of homesick is. Vacationsick? Americasick? WaddingtonNorwoodPotsdamMassenasick? I guess people who are going to come into contact with me need to prepare for the “Oh, when I was in Norwood…” and “This one time when we went to Massena…”

Because in Sydney there will be no snow ball fights, no sledding, no ice hockey games. There will be no trips into town for Subway and HoHo’s and pink lemonade. There will be no late night trips to Walmart or Walgreens for twenty-five dollars worth of candy. There will be no snowmen, no coats, no mittens, no boots. No waking up to 8-inches of snow. No forever stamps. No meatloaf and mashed potatoes (and damn Bob Sassone makes a good meatloaf!)

In other non-emo news, we are heading south tomorrow to Lake George for the weekend to an indoor water park resort. And my camera is lost and has been for 2 weeks, so tomorrow I’m giving in and going to Walmart to buy a new one. Thankfully things are cheaper here, and the same camera that I bought for $350 in Australia 3 months ago is only $119 here. But still. As soon as I buy a new one I’m sure the old one will show up… but I don’t want to miss photographing the last 3 weeks of my time in the states.

Until next time x

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One Response to All that glitters might not be gold (It might just be snow…) – I’m gonna miss this place

  1. tillards says:

    Don’t worry princess … we can do midnight Kmart runs! And if your first camera turns up, you can always sell one of them on ebay. You’ll recoup the cost of the second one easy as. Maybe just not so close to christmas when it goes nuts with unwanted presents lol!

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