Snow’s falling down, as you step out of your car… [At Christmas]…

Every year I write a Christmas letter to send out to all my friends and family about what I’ve done that year. This year I was cheap and only sent out about 30 letters/cards – so for the rest of you (and even those who I sent a paper version to but may not have gotten it, since the mail fairy seems to be hoarding things) here is my Christmas letter for 2010!


As I write this, I’m sitting in the lounge room, eating a poptart and can smell the aroma of pulled pork cooking – it’s obvious I’m not in Kansas (or, as it be, Australia) anymore. 2010 has given me more than I can ever have imagined! I’ve met some amazing people, seen some beautiful places, and just enjoyed life!

At the start of the year I travelled around following the Taylor Swift tour through 4 Australian cities, and saw 6 shows in 7 days. At the end of the trip I got to meet Taylor, and then had her autograph tattooed onto my wrist – a somewhat stupid idea, apparently, but ultimately a story for years to come! I followed that up with another tattoo (“Fearless”) in May, and a heart on my foot just recently in none other than Nashville, TN. Here’s to 2010 – the year of getting inked!


In March I found out that I had won a trip to Rotorua, New Zealand as part of the tourism promotion, so in April I took my friend Emma and we spent 4 days participating in a bunch of extreme sports I thought I would never try – zorbing, white water rafting, jetboating and even bungy jumping (where it took me a handful of tears and about 5 minutes to leap from the 75m platform!).


In June I visited Dad, Tash and Matthew in Auckland, New Zealand and was amazed to see how much my baby brother has grown and changed – her is such a cute little person and I can’t wait to see how he grows up over the next 12 months!


In August I attempted something else I never thought possible – the City to Surf, running 14km in just over 2 hours. It was such an amazing (and painful) thrill to reach that finish line! I followed that up in September with another 9km “fun run” across the Sydney Harbour Bridge and through the city and botanical gardens.


I played another season with Sutho Hockey Club, managing our team the “Blue Jags” to our second victory in a row. We topped the table through the year and were able to put our teamwork and hockey skills to work and win our way through the finals to take ou the 4th grade premiership for another year which was very exciting!

In August I made the descision to, after 2 years, leave my 2 jobs in Oatleyand joined Jen and her kids for the rest of the year in the USA… and that’s how I come to be sitting in a house with a pointed roof, and a temperature of -4C outside at 4pm! Working with the Lin and Williams families has been an inportant and very fun time in my life, but as always in the world of Cyndi, it’s time for another adventure!

I found a new love in musical theatre after my friend Ellen introduced me to the musical “Wicked” in Sydney, and saw it numerous times before it closed in September. I also was lucky enough to see it on Broadway in New York City twice, and am planning to go and see it in Brisbane or Adelaide when it tours early next year.


My 3 week vacation in the US was a smorgasboard of cities and adventures. I spent 5 days exploring New York City on my own, and saw the American Museum or Natural History, Times Square, Madame Tussaurds, did a “food on foot” tour, walking the Brooklyn Bridge, saw 2 Broadway musicals and a plethora of other things. I met up with my friend Kathleen in Connecticut, carved my first ever pumpkin with her family, and saw a Lady Antebellum concert. We flew to Orlando, and did the Universal theme parkes and Magic Kingdom at Disney World. We flew to Arizona and saw a Colbie Callait concert for my birthday. We flew to Nashville, met up with our friend Amanda, and went backstage at the Grand Ole Opry, and bought the new Taylor Swift album at her local Walmart (with her dad present) at midnight, amidst tornado warnings. We ate amazing pancakes, amazing frozen yoghurt, got tattoos on our last day in Nashville and said teary goodbyes.


More recently, I’ve been settling into life in America – learning how to layer clothing, and getting used to driving on the “wrong” side of the road and wearing a coat, hat and mittens. A few weeks ago I hired a car and took a roadtrip to Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Vermont and saw 3 Hanson concerts over 3 nights (those of you who have been getting my letters for a few years would remember me seeing a bunch of Hanson concerts in 2004 and 2005), and “took the walk” with them, where fans got to walk a barefoot mile with the band and talk to them. I travelled with Jen’s family to NYC for Thanksgiving and saw the Macy’s Parade (kind of!) and ate Turkey at a NYC Deli for Thanksgiving lunch. I had a day off to go into the city and hung out in Times Square a bit more and saw another Broadway show.


I have been lucky again this year to have such a wonderful and supportive family and friends who get excited for me and encourage me to pursue whatever crazy dreams and schemes I come up with. Thank you to all of you. I have met some amazing people through my adventures and thank you also for all your input into my life! And most amazingly, a God who loves and cherishes me as His child, and sent his son to be born in the world at Christmas!


I hope you all have had a wonderful 2010, and pray that 2011 blesses you all with your heart’s desire!

Love, love, love

Cyndi xxx

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