Lost in the world of Cyndi…

It’s been a while since I’ve been here. I spend most of my days thinking about the future, what I’m going to do with my life, where I am heading. I’ll be 27 this year you know. Ouch.

Something lit a fire under my butt with uni this semester, and I have been literally ‘head down, bum up’ working on a full load of uni work this semester, and it seems quite sucessfully. I’m awaiting a mark for my 4th assignment of the semester, but have already received back 2 Distinctions and a Credit. I also made a great discovery that I can continue studying through UNE Distance from overseas, and have enrolled in 3 units for next semester as well.

It’s taken a bit of force, but as I write this, a pile of paperwork for a Federal Police Check and an American J1 visa sit next to me. My countdown calendar has less than 100 days on it, and I have come to the realisation that in 3 months time I will be in New York, that place I love. And then, I’ll be taking on Boston. BOSTON. You know, like that Augustana song that’s been played over 800 times on my iTunes…

Plans are already in full swing. I want to see Taylor Swift in the US. And my birthday is in October. It was only the other day that I said “6 months until my birthday”, and now I am thinking about where I want to spend my birthday, and what I want to do! Anything is a possibility now.

I won’t dismiss the fact that I’m slightly nervous, and a lot scared of leave the Southern Hemisphere for 12 months. It’s a long time. Anything could happen in 12 months. But this is something I have wanted for a long time. I’m not one to run from an adventure. I’m one to stare experience and adventure in the face and laugh at it, and take it on with all I have.

Life goes on, as per usual. I spend most of my days working, studying and hanging out with a very small handful of people. Somewhere along the way I’ve found a new love of AFL, and find myself watching multiple games every week on TV. I even went to a Richmond Tigers game in Melbourne a few weeks ago, and was easily swept up in the excitement and hysteria. I don’t know why I ever said I liked rugby league more than AFL, seriously, you don’t see anyone flying through the air or jumping off other players shoulders in league!

No matter where I go, I still attract small children.

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