The countdown is on to goodbye…

In just under 7 weeks I will be Boston bound. 7 weeks. That’s less than 50 days. That’s not long at all.

I’m starting to freak out a little bit. I don’t have much to miss here, but what I do have, I will miss a lot. Being on the other side of the world isn’t easy. There are crazy time differences, and when it’s morning here it’s nighttime there and vice versa. And there’s the cost that goes along with the phone calls and text messages and letters and greeting cards that I am so fond of.

But I’m also excited. I’m going to be an Au Pair for a great family with 2 gorgeous kids – a 3 year old girl and a 5 year old boy – and live in an amazing city. I’m excited to maybe take up a new sport, to take some classes at an American college. I’m excited to be somewhere where it’s summer in 7 weeks time. I’m excited to meet new people and make new friends… I’m just scared to leave behind the handful of people here in Australia that I adore.

I have everything pretty much organised – I’ve done all my paperwork with the agency, I’ve paid my fee.. I’m ready to go. I’ve had a medical done, I’m had a police check done. I’ve looked at buying new suitcases. I’ve made friends with Australian and international girls who are going to be at the Training School on Long Island at the same time as me. I’ve thought about packing.

I’m going to Sydney this weekend to start saying goodbyes. GOODBYES. This will be my last Sydney trip before I leave, the last time I’ll have sleepovers with my friends, or cruise around my old favourite malls.

The hardest part about the job I do is the goodbyes. Someone said to me a little while ago that it must be hard to leave a job when it’s not just a pile of paperwork and a desk that you leave behind. And that’s true. Every time I’ve left a job I’ve shed a tear or two. Because even in just 6 or 8 weeks I grow close to the kids. You learn about them, and become their friend. And when you’re gone, you miss the way that they said your name, or the funny things they used to do.

I’ll be sad to leave Australia. My heart breaks every time I think about it. But I am excited about Boston. SO excited about Boston.

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