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A day in the life… [au pairing preschooler style]

One of the main differences between me and a lot of the girls in the au pair program is that I have been nannying at home in Australia for nearly the last 4 years in some shape or form, so … Continue reading

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5 things I’m grateful for RIGHT NOW!

I’m stuck inside on a Sunday afternoon (and was on Saturday afternoon and Saturday night as well) and am feeling a little sorry for myself. At times like this, I like to sit down and think about the things that … Continue reading

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What to expect in your first month! [Advice for new Au Pair’s]

So for anyone about to become an au pair, or considering being an au pair, what should you expect in your first month as an au pair? I’ve been here 3 weeks now (wow!) and so here are some of … Continue reading

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Preparing for Irene [my first ever Hurricane!]

So pretty much anyone who doesn’t live under a rock (and maybe even if you do) knows that there is a big Hurricane that has just hit the US. A HUGE Hurricane. Hurricane Irene. It just recently hit the North … Continue reading

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Friends, new and old [a weekend in Boston!]

I’ve made friends this week. I met an Australian girl and a Swedish girl, and hung out with them on Thursday and Friday nights. Friday night we went to the Cheesecake Factory, which for those of you who haven’t been … Continue reading

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Dirty Chicken and 4 Days of Cake – Welcome to MA!

So today marks my one week anniversary of being in Massachusetts, so I guess I’m due for an update! Last Friday I caught a bus from the training school on Long Island with 35 other au pairs bound for northern … Continue reading

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What do you call homesickness if you’re “sick” for something else?

Homesickness is one of those weird things. I see it as a psychological problem, but it can actually manifest itself physically, with vomiting, nausea and all kinda of other ‘side effects’ if you will. But what do you call homesickness … Continue reading

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