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A day in the life… [au pairing preschooler style]

One of the main differences between me and a lot of the girls in the au pair program is that I have been nannying at home in Australia for nearly the last 4 years in some shape or form, so … Continue reading

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5 things I’m grateful for RIGHT NOW!

I’m stuck inside on a Sunday afternoon (and was on Saturday afternoon and Saturday night as well) and am feeling a little sorry for myself. At times like this, I like to sit down and think about the things that … Continue reading

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What to expect in your first month! [Advice for new Au Pair’s]

So for anyone about to become an au pair, or considering being an au pair, what should you expect in your first month as an au pair? I’ve been here 3 weeks now (wow!) and so here are some of … Continue reading

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Preparing for Irene [my first ever Hurricane!]

So pretty much anyone who doesn’t live under a rock (and maybe even if you do) knows that there is a big Hurricane that has just hit the US. A HUGE Hurricane. Hurricane Irene. It just recently hit the North … Continue reading

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Friends, new and old [a weekend in Boston!]

I’ve made friends this week. I met an Australian girl and a Swedish girl, and hung out with them on Thursday and Friday nights. Friday night we went to the Cheesecake Factory, which for those of you who haven’t been … Continue reading

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Dirty Chicken and 4 Days of Cake – Welcome to MA!

So today marks my one week anniversary of being in Massachusetts, so I guess I’m due for an update! Last Friday I caught a bus from the training school on Long Island with 35 other au pairs bound for northern … Continue reading

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What do you call homesickness if you’re “sick” for something else?

Homesickness is one of those weird things. I see it as a psychological problem, but it can actually manifest itself physically, with vomiting, nausea and all kinda of other ‘side effects’ if you will. But what do you call homesickness … Continue reading

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A day in the Cultural Care Au Pair Training School

Welcome to the beautiful St John’s University campus at Oakdale, NY. The college campus is quiet and tucked away on Long Island, about 90 minutes out of New York City, and is used by Cultural Care 11 months of the … Continue reading

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Jet Lag, the devil of the travel world…

Good morning from Long Island, NY. And by morning I mean 4:40am. Yes, you read that right! Let me tell you about jet lag – something that up until this trip to the USA (and this is my 3rd time … Continue reading

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Goodbye Australia [the funny thing about planes]

In saying my goodbyes around Australia, I was actually surprised to find out how many people read (and more surprisingly, enjoy) this blog. Which a good thing, because I really enjoy writing it, and even though a lot of the … Continue reading

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