The Time is Now [goodbye Australia]

Here we go. I have just woken up in Australia for what will be the last time in a long time. The reality has well and truly fit in. My suitcases are packed. I’ve said goodbye to my family.

I wanted to blog the other day about the time I’ve spent with my family the last week, but I went to New Zealand without my laptop, and now I won’t have a real Internet connection for a while.

I leave Australia for the last time this afternoon from Sydney. From there I fly to Los Angeles, Chicago and finally New York, where I’ll spend 5 nights with 180 other Au Pairs getting “orientated”.

I’m nervous. I feel sick. I’ll cry before I get on that plane. I already miss my best and closest friends here. I’ll be homesick. So I ask you, my friends, to help me. In those times that I’m at my lowest (because I know they’ll exist) and want to go home, remind me why I did this. Remind me of the bigger picture, and remind me that all the people I love and miss will be there when I get back.

All my love from Australia for the last time.

Cyndi xo


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