Jet Lag, the devil of the travel world…

Good morning from Long Island, NY. And by morning I mean 4:40am. Yes, you read that right!

Let me tell you about jet lag – something that up until this trip to the USA (and this is my 3rd time coming here) I haven’t really experienced in it’s full intensity. I thought I knew what jetlag was after coming home from summer camp in America in 2005 – I landed in Auckland at 6am, and even though I’d slept a full (albeit drug induced) 10 hours on the plane, I went home, and practically slept for the next 3 days. But no, that is not the full extent of it.

Coming east is DEFINATELY worse in the jetlag stakes. Last time I came here, I landed in NYC at 5am, and because the hotel I was staying at had no rooms avaliable until 2pm, I was forced to spend the day wandering the city – there was no option to sleep – and when I finally went back to my hotel room at 7pm that night, I was well and truly asleep by 8:30pm, and so when I woke up at 7am the next morning, my body was raring to go – it only took one day for my body to get used to the time change.

This time around hasn’t been so easy. Our flight to New York (via Los Angeles and Chicago) including transit time, took around 32 hours. My plan to not sleep on either of the domestic legs failed me when I fell asleep 5 minutes into out LA-Chicago flight, and didn’t wake until 5 minutes before we landed. I stayed awake for the Chicago-NYC leg, but by then the damage had been done – we arrived at the training school at 1:30am, but by the time we’d unpacked, made our beds, ate, checked our emails, it was 5am before I fell in bed, only to wake up just over an hour later. I took a nap for 2 hours from 4-6pm, felt good, but still tired enough to go to bed last night at midnight, hoping to sleep through the night…

…and here I am at 5:10am, writing this, having already been awake for 2 hours this morning. UGH.

And it’s not just the sleep thing. My body is going mental for food, and I’m starving at the strangest times – last night before going to bed I was dying of hunger, and then realised it was lunchtime in Australia. And when I woke up this morning, about 4am my stomach started to rumble – dinner time in Australia! It’s SO bizarre. And don’t get me started on the constant dizziness when sitting or lying down…

The heat obviously isn’t helping either. It’s already in the high 20’s, and humid as hell – proof that jet lag really is the devil of the travel world. So whenever someone is ready to create the magic pill that eliminates jetlag, please let me know. I am waiting.

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