Friends, new and old [a weekend in Boston!]

I’ve made friends this week. I met an Australian girl and a Swedish girl, and hung out with them on Thursday and Friday nights. Friday night we went to the Cheesecake Factory, which for those of you who haven’t been to the US, is a pretty well known restaurant famous for it’s cheesecake (duh). The dessert menu is two whole pages, one and a half of those just a list of the cheesecakes they sell. The meals are HUGE (Steph’s fish & chips had FIVE pieces of fish, of which she ate two!), and none of us finished our entrée (what they call mains here in America) but still ordered dessert!

Drinking a frozen strawberry lemonade in downtown Boston!

On Saturday was the annual Boston Au Pair Disco Cruise at Boston Harbour. I met up with another Au Pair who lives in my town, and we drove in to the nearest T Station, and then caught the train in to Boston, where we met up with 10 other Boston au pairs. It was great to see some of the girls that I was in the training school with, my “old friends” who mostly live 30 minutes to an hour away from me. We checked out Quincy Market, which has tonnes of amazing food, and then walked around downtown Boston before going down to the harbour for the cruise.

New and old friends ready to board the cruise!

It was great seeing my classmates reunited, and I saw about three quarters of my training school class that night. We spent most of our time sitting on the top deck chatting and catching up. I also met 2 Australian au pairs that I didn’t know existed, which is always nice – you don’t realize that you have an accent until you are immersed in a world where nobody sounds the same as you, and you can pick an Australian accent from a mile away.

Reunited with my two training school BFFs, Hugo & Verena!

The views of Boston were really pretty – we went out into the harbour and watched the sunset – and as it was going down the sun glowed as a bright red ball – something no camera could capture. We danced on the middle deck (although I was frankly embarrassed to be dancing in the company of the Columbian and Brasillian au pairs, who are amazing dancers!) and spent a good chunk of time laughing at the random creepy guys who had made their way onto the boat and were trying to pick up anything in a skirt!

Sunset over Boston, taken from Boston Harbour

Afterwards we discovered that it’s super hard to find somewhere to eat in Boston after 9pm – we couldn’t even find a Subway or Dunkin’ that was open, so we all ended up calling it a night around 10pm and catching the T back to our respective homes. I got home starving, but it was nearly 11pm and so out of pure laziness ate an apple for “dinner” and went to bed!

Yesterday, being Sunday, I was awake before 7am, despite an attempt at a sleep in. I spent a few hours skyping with my favourites from home (which was great, because it was the first time I have seen some of their faces in weeks!), and then Steph, my new Aussie/American BFF came and picked me up, and we drove out to Tewksbury where I introduced her to the amazingness that is Cracker Barrel! Once again, we forgot about how HUGE American portions are, and promised ourselves that next time we’ll share a meal! Afterwards we went to the Northshore Mall and met up with Jaimi, ANOTHER Aussie, and did a little browsing.

Lunch at Cracker Barrel!

When I got home last night my host family invited me to go out to dinner with them, and we went to a restaurant called Uno. I had chicken wings & mashed potato (weird combination, I know, but I just ordered an appetizer and a side to compensate for my lunch that I was still digesting!) and it was a nice dinner!

Another week is about to start – hopefully this one is as beautiful and sunny as the last, with a little less rain and a lot less humidity. I’m a little excited for fall, if only for the fact that my hair will be a little less manageable (read: a LOT less frizzy). At CB yesterday they already had Halloween and Christmas (!!!!) things out in the store part, and I have to admit that I’m quite excited for the festive season to begin!

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