How many lemonades does it take to get to Kennebunkport, ME?

Last minute, unplanned trips are really not my style. I like to plan, months in advance. I like to know where I’m going; I like to make sure I see everything.

But when my friend Chrissy and I decided to take a daytrip to Maine, we pretty much just packed up and left. And by packed up I mean I threw my wallet, camera and iPod in a bag and jumped in her car to head up the I95 to Maine.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with US geography (and I urge you to Google a map of the US, because after my explanation you probably won’t be any more knowledgeable…) Maine is two states above Massachusetts, technically, and you need to drive through New Hampshire (for about 13 minutes) to get there. But the NH/ME border is less than an hour from where we live, so it’s a nice daytrip.

Welcome to Main! (squint and you might be able to read the sign!)

We drove over the NH/ME border and went to the information centre there which was great – they had brochures on all sorts of things all over Maine, and we were able to get a map of Kennebunk, Kennebunkport and the surrounding areas, which is where we were headed. They were also giving out free apples (like uni students, au pairs love free ANYTHING!) which were Royal Gala, and tasty!!

I must admit that apart from the fact that I have heard that it is super pretty, I primarily “know” about Kennebunk and Kennebunkport because of their ties to Taylor Swift – she used locations there to film her “Mine” video – but this wasn’t purely a “Taylor Swift trip” – we dropped in at 2 of the places used for the video, but otherwise it was a normal exploring day.

Perkin's Cove at Ogunquit, ME

First we drove up the coast, through Ogunquit and checked out a little place called Perkin’s Cove that one of my twitter friends suggested we see. It was gorgeous, and there were lots of little lobster restaurants, beautiful views… wow. Then we stopped at a little Mini Golf place in Wells, and played a round, which was fun but it was HOT. The great thing about heading up the coast was that it was a lot less humid up there – but it was really warm – about 27 degrees C (80-something F).

Mini Golf!

Then we headed into Kennebunkport via Kennebunk, and stopped at Christ Church in Kennebunk, where the scenes from Taylor Swift coming out of the church were filmed, and the church is beautiful and bright white. On the way into Kennebunkport we passed this house that looks like a (really yellow, kinda ugly) wedding cake, but the story behind it is kind of cute – a man carved all the white bits by hand for his wife in the 1800’s when they settled in Maine.

Christ Church at Kennebunk

We drove into Kennebunkport, and drove around the coast. George Bush (the former President of the United States) has a summer house there, and we got a great view of the house and saw a couple of people walking around, and a lot of cars there. Then we drove back around the coast and went to St Ann’s church, which was beautiful – we got to go inside and it was dark and cool in there (but no photography allowed) and then outside there was a lot of pretty green grass that I frolicked through, and beautiful views over the ocean.

Chrissy & I on the grounds of St Ann's Church

We drove back into the little town part of Kennebunkport, and parked and walked around, bought a few souvenirs (I’m not usually a huge “town t-shirt” buying person, but I did buy a cute pink Kennebunkport hoodie) and postcards, and then went and had lunch at a place called Alisson’s, which was a bar/restaurant with great burgers and amazingly friendly service.

Welcome to Kennebunkport

After that it was nearly 4pm, so we headed back towards home, and stopped in at the outlet mall at Kittery, where I bought 2 t-shirts for $3.30 each (woo, bargain) and that’s it – pretty proud that I kept it under control!

It was a nice day out, and nice to just go with the flow, stop where we feel like it, explore, and take things as they come. One of the things I am learning while I’m here is that I can’t always be in control of everything, and sometimes things turn out better when you just go with the flow!

Oh, and the answer to the question? It takes two large lemonade’s and 2 large diet Coke’s to get to Kennebunkport Maine. And those 4 drinks will only cost you $4.28 in total if you get them from the McDonalds drive-thru! Cheers!

You are the best thing that's even been mine!

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One Response to How many lemonades does it take to get to Kennebunkport, ME?

  1. SYDNEY MILES says:

    Oftentimes, when we plan, things don’t happen the way we have planned…but when we just let go, many unforgettable moments happen….thanks for sharing your day trip. It looks like you really had a great time.

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