A night with Colbie Caillat, the girl who wrote my life into her albums.

I realized that I am writing these blogs backwards (Maine, Colbie Caillat, and to come in the next few days, Taylor Swift & my Nashville trip), but when I get to writing, I like to write what is fresh in my memory, and with the happenings of the last few weeks, Taylor Swift is (strangely) in the back of my mind.

After I got back from Nashville, I was able to reveal my real excitement for seeing Colbie Caillat in Boston – something I felt guilty about, since it cost nearly $700 for a weekend in Nashville to see Taylor Swift, and only $60 to see Colbie Caillat on a Friday night in Boston (including gas, parking and a midnight visit to IHOP for pancakes after the concert), but was probably more excited for the latter.

Colbie Caillat and I have a story. Some of you may know that 4 years ago I was in a relationship that I thought was going to be forever. I think he thought it was going to forever too, at some point, and the soundtrack of our relationship was Colbie Caillat’s “Coco”. I discovered Colbie when her song ‘Bubbly’ was used on the Home & Away (cheesy Australian soap, for those non-Aussies who aren’t familiar), and promptly bought the album, became obsessed with it, and scratched the heck out of not one, but two copies while driving the dirt roads between home and “the farm”.

So when our relationship ended, I also broke up with “Coco”. I couldn’t listen to the album without thinking about what was, and what could have been. And it was because of Colbie Caillat that I discovered Taylor Swift. In my self-imposed Colbie-drought I went searching for new music, and came across “Breathe”, which not only was co-written by Taylor and Colbie, but told the story of how I felt at that exact moment.

You know when you feel like a musician is living your life, in your head, knowing exactly how you are feeling? Since “Coco”, Colbie Caillat has released 2 more albums, both of which I can relate to so closely. So to go to her show and connect to those songs was big for me. I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel, I wasn’t sure how I was going to act – if I was going to feel any sadness, or cry like I did the first time I heard Taylor Swift play “Breathe” live.

But after I spent 2 hours lining up outside the Boston House of Blues in the rain (thanks to my host mom for unknowingly lending me her rain jacket, which after an hour in the rain managed to pretty much soaked through, but kept me mostly dry!) I managed to snag a front row spot, and enjoyed the heck out of that concert. She had an amazing opener in Andy Grammer (who also sung on stage with Taylor Swift in Nashville last weekend), and she played an awesome setlist (starting with the last track, and one of my favourite songs from the new album, “Make It Rain”) and ending with “Bubbly”, the song that made her big back in 2008.

Colbie Caillat

There is such a big difference in her style to Taylor Swift’s. (I have to stop and say that my reason for comparison between the two is only because they are my two favourite female singers, nothing more). Taylor’s show is huge – up to 60,000 people at a time take in fireworks, multiple costume changes, dancers, props, fans wearing strange costumes etc. etc. etc. Colbie, on the other hand, had a handful of backup musicians, and wore a questionable pair of coral shorts and a white tank top, while she strummed her guitar and grooved in front of 1,500 normally-dressed fans. Her sound is pop-reggae at times, and her interactions with the crowd and dancing both unscripted. I’m not saying one was better than the other, just that they were so different.

But if you want my honest opinion, if I had the option to travel for another show, I’d probably choose to see another Colbie Caillat show. Because she was amazing, and she made me feel. She made me feel that I am well and truly over that relationship. She makes me understand myself. Her music makes me feel like it’s okay to feel the way I am feeling, because somebody, somewhere, is feeling the exact same thing as me, without me always knowing it.

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