Oh yeah, they still have it [Hanson – Northampton, MA]

At 30, Isaac still has it...

So I’m at it again, following a band around the countryside. And we all know that there are only a handful of artists I’d do that for.

Jaimi (another Aussie in Boston) and I hired a car yesterday, and drove to Northampton, which is 106 miles from my place in Woburn. 106 miles should take a little under 2 hours. Yeah. It took us 3. We got onto I95 (which is a highway right near my house) which takes you the 20 miles to the Masspike, which is the highway that goes to CT and eventually New York City. That 20 miles should take about 15-20 minutes. It took us 50. And then when we got on the Masspike the traffic was still slow for another 30 miles. It was insanity.

But we made it, 5 minutes before the doors opened we rocked into this little college town in the middle of nowhere. We decided to skip out on the opening act and instead went to a tavern and got dinner – I had apricot chicken (didn’t know it existed here in America!) and it was yum!

We had seats in the 4th row which was great. The crowd was interesting, couples, mums with kids, drunk women (lots and lots of drunk women, ugh). There was a girl in front of us in a jail getup (black & white stripes & Where’s Wally glasses) dancing like an unco maniac, it was pretty hilarious.

Taylor "Hips" Hanson

Hanson are still Hanson; they still put on a great show. They still have amazing stage presence. And Taylor still humps his keyboard. A lot.

Hanson - 15 years since MMMBop and still going strong!

The setlist was CRAZY awesome. I was a little disappointed when “The Walk” beat out “Shout It Out” in the setlist voting (this tour Hanson have a voting page for every show where fans get to vote on which album from their career with be “showcased”) but it was actually one of the best setlists I’ve ever heard – they did most of the tracks from “The Walk” (although strangely the title track didn’t make an appearance, which saddened me), plus all the best from the other albums – I squealed like a 12 year old Bieber fan multiple times, namely when they started playing Crazy Beautiful, and when they came to the front of the stage for an acoustic set and played not only Madeline, but also I Will Come to You. Eeeeeee.

MMMYum Zac!

Jaimi claimed that she would sell her soul for just one of Taylor’s thrusts. I think she also sold the soul of her unborn child. Zac had perfect hair. I’m pretty sure the girls behind us threatened to kill me (after I stared them down for their drunken high pitched squealing during IWC2U).

Afterwards we drove to our hotel in East Hartford, CT (which we decided to book 2 nights at, and travel the 50 minutes either way to Northampton, MA and New Haven, CT instead of one night in each city). Pretty sure we made the right decision, since instead of having to check out at 11am this morning we were able to stay in bed, laze around, shower at our leisure and then go out to IHOP for brunch, and now can be back at the hotel relaxing before heading to New Haven shortly for the next show.

Time for night 2. The show is at a nightclub on the campus of Yale University, and I’m excited – Middle of Nowhere is the “showcased” album tonight, and if Zac sings “Lucy” I think I may have a hernia. MMMBop!

For those interested, the Northampton setlist was as follows: Musical Ride, Waiting For This, Where’s The Love, Thinkin’ ’bout Something, Crazy Beautiful, Great Divide, Been There Before, Georgia, Running Man, Watch Over Me, Go, Madeline, Strong Enough to Break, I Will Come To You, One More, Blue Sky, Tearing It Down, Something That’s Been Going Round, A Minute Without You, Penny & Me, Give a Little, MMMBop, If Only, This Time Around.

Oh yeah!

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2 Responses to Oh yeah, they still have it [Hanson – Northampton, MA]

  1. Oh so jealous! Wish I could be there! Still waiting patiently for them to come back to Australia 🙂

  2. Heidi says:

    Haha nice work! I’m off to see panic for two days. Brendon got malaria and couldn’t play last night show. Who gets that???

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