Hanson: night 2, in tweets. They DEFINITELY still have it…

I won’t write another full post about Hanson, and how amazing they still are after 15 years. Instead I want to summarise the concert on the second night, which was at a bar called “Toad’s” on the campus of Yale University, in New Haven, CT (for which the ‘winning’ album was the one that made them famous – 1997’s Middle of Nowhere) with my tweets from the night! Enjoy!

Jaimi & I in the front row!

Night 2 of @hansonmusic. Second row. Excited for Middle of Nowhere. Also excited to sleep in my hotel bed after the show. – via @xmadsinx at 7:28pm

Perks of being on Isaacs side – being able to look at Taylor’s bum when he jumps in If Only!!!! – via @xmadsinx at 8:06pm

Zac singing ‘Lucy’. I just peed a little in excitement!!!!!!! – via @xmadsinx at 8:32pm

Kiss Me When You Come Home. Currently losing my sh*t in the words of @jaimiii!!!! – via @xmadsinx at 8:46pm

Taylor just forgot the words!!!!!!!! – via @xmadsinx at 8:47pm

Song to Sing!!!!!!!!!!!! And I thought nothing could top last night!!! – via @xmadsinx at 8:56pm

YEARBOOK!!!!!! @jaimiii is crying!!! – via @xmadsinx at 8:59pm

Hanson concerts: the only place it’s acceptable to do pelvic thrust moves when dancing!! – via @xmadsinx at 9:29pm

Practically perfect @hansonmusic show finished with Man From Milwaukee & With You In Your Dreams. AH-MAYZING!!! – via @xmadsinx at 10:11pm

Taylor Hanson touched me!!!!!!!!!! I may never wash again… at least until tomorrow morning… – via @xmadsinx at 10:13pm

Just got a picture with Zac Hanson ❤ – via @xmadsinx at 10:48pm

Me & Zac.

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