The best 90 minutes of ‘birthday’ ever!

I couldn’t ask for better friends, really.

When you’re far away from home, sometimes it’s hard to make friends. Especially when the large majority of your time is spent either sleeping or working with children. Fortunately, I’ve been lucky enough to meet a handful of great girls while I’ve been here, my “group”, if you will, of close friends who I see most days of the week.

There’s something funny about living the au pair “life”. In my normal life in Australia there is NO WAY I’d go out to eat 4 times a week, but because the 4 of us work in families with preschoolers, where the kids usually eat early and the parents usually eat late, we find ourselves meeting up after work to… eat.

So there was no exception to the rule last night when Amelie, Christina, Maria and I set out our Friday evening plan – eat dinner at our favourite restaurant (The Ninety Nine Restaurant & Bar in Woburn), go and see “Footloose” at the cinema, and then find somewhere to eat dessert and ring in my birthday at midnight.

We had dinner (where the majority of the waiting staff and managers now know us, due to our overly-frequent dining habits) and went to the movie. After the movie we decided that we needed to play some arcade games! Chrissy and I played a shooting game. Amelie tried to win fake iPods from a vending machine game. I tried to win a stuffed toy from a claw game and gave up, knowing I had no hope… and then we found the photo booth! Let me just say – SO MUCH FUN! And the best bit was that there was a funny reply video after you took the pictures!

Photobooth Photos!

So then we realized that it was 11:50pm, and that if we wanted to be somewhere when it clicked over to October 22 we needed to think fast. Some slightly weird guy told us to go to a restaurant on the other side of the highway that he *knew* was open – so after we went through the roundabout of death (also known here as a ‘rotary’… weirdos!) we got there… and it was closed. So we went to Applebees, and they were closed… so then we decided the next best thing to do was to drive to the nearest 24-hour Walgreens (like, 7 miles away.. haha) and buy a pint of ice cream and eat it in the parking lot… which is exactly what we did.

$8.32 later (thanks Amelie and Maria) we had a pint of lemon sorbet, 48 plastic spoons and a share-size packet of Skittles. Oh, and I found a whole cart of snickers (see silly video below) but didn’t buy them. PS. Walgreens, you are crappy for not having party hats or confetti.


So we moved into the parking lot, opened out pint of “ice cream” on the trunk of A’s car, turned our music up, and started our own little 4-person dance party. You would have thought I was turn 17, instead of 27. We hung out for half an hour, dancing and eating sorbet and skittles (my friends and I were made to be – Amelie likes green ones, Christina likes yellow ones and I like red and purple ones) before we decided at about 1:15am to call it a night and go home like the old ladies that we are (ok, I’m the old lady…)

The best 90 minutes of birthday ever, and all thanks to some wonderful new friends I have made here!

Crazy Birthday Adventures!

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