7 reasons I love my new gym…

Yes, I did it! I got off my butt and joined the gym. The North Suburban YMCA to be exact. It only took me 2 months, and when I finally joined, I managed to get the flu just a few days later. Typical. But now that I’m better, I’m unleashing my gym junkie side.

Now if gyms were like this in Australia, I think I’d be more likely to go. I actually look FORWARD to going to the gym at the moment. Granted this might taper off, but I’m actually finding it FUN! And here’s why (in no particular order)…

7. The hours are amazing. The gym opens at 5am and closes at 10pm during the week, and is open until 7pm on the weekends. That means that even if I don’t finish work until 7:30 or 8pm on a weeknight I can still get to the gym!

6. The locker rooms! They have lockers and toilets and showers like normal locker rooms, but they also have a SAUNA! So it’s a ladies only sauna! Win! And that’s not all! They also have towels, hairdryers, tampons, pads, hair spray and deodorant! It’s like free stuff heaven!

5. The weights machines are smart. They are all linked with a computer program, you have a code, and then they know what your last session was, they tell you where to set the seat height at, what weight to use, and they count your repetitions! It almost makes doing weights fun!

4. It has a HUGE variety of cardio machines. Like, seriously. They have like 5 different kinds of bikes, lots of treadmills, different kinds of crosstrainers, and even crazy stepping machines that are actual stairs that you climb. And most of the machine have their own TV!

3. The water machine gives out sparkling water if you want sparkling water. I don’t even LIKE sparking water, but I think it’s cool anyways. Oh, and there are vending machines that sell healthy (and not so healthy) snacks!

2. There are a huge variety of classes. I haven’t managed to do one yet, but there are a HUGE variety. And there is also a pool!

1. The expresso bikes. Seriously, the best thing that ever happened to my body. They are bikes with courses you can ride. They have handle bars that move so you can “stay on” the track, but if you don’t move them you don’t fall off your bike or anything. You have an account so you can keep track of how far you’ve ridden, and your best rides. There is a website where you can see where you rank against other people. And best of all, it has an awesome game where you chase dragons. I am not kidding. LoL. Here’s to making exercise fun!


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5 Responses to 7 reasons I love my new gym…

  1. Kirsten says:

    I want those bikes with the dragon chasing thingamajig! That’s so cool!

  2. Um those bikes are amazing, I’d totally be a bike junkie if my gym had those!

  3. Denise says:

    Hei, I’ll be an Au pair in 10 days, too. I already know that there’s a YMC next to my home because my boys go there. Now my question: How much do you pay for this and do you have to pay extra money for classes (like Zuma)??

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