Let it snow, let it snow, let is FREAKING SNOW!!!

Yes, you read that right – it SNOWED. In OCTOBER.

For the last few days the weather forecast predicted cold weather – highs of 6 or 7, and a low of -1 (we’re talking celcius here) overnight last night. But it wasn’t until yesterday that they decided that it was going to snow.

And low and behold, I was sitting on my bike in the gym, and I look over and out the big glass windows that look out over Lexington Street, and realised it was snowing. I may or may not have squealed in the gym.

It only snowed for a few hours, but it was enough that we had a dusting of snow in our front and back yards this morning, and lots of ice on the windsheilds of our cars.

And now it’s melted, except for a few patches around the neighbourhood in the shade.

We’re forecast for another storm this weekend with 2-4 inches of snow, and then that will melt, and then hopefully it will be at least another month before the snow actually sets in and stays (please!).

But it’s been fun!


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