5 reasons you should DEFINITELY see Godspell on Broadway

When Christina and I won tickets to Godspell in their lotto on Thanksgiving weekend, I didn’t know what to expect of the show. I knew only two things about Godspell – that my (third) high school had done it as their musical the year before I started there (and one of my female friends played Jesus), and that it was based on something Biblical (duh!) – that’s it!

We ended up at the Godspell lottery after not winning the Book of Mormon lottery – there were less people, and the odds were higher for winning. And we won.


Godspell’s lottery tickets are interesting and fun – you sit on cushions around the stage, right next to the stage. Sounds uncomfortable, but it was actually one of my favourite theatre experiences ever. You are right close up in the action – so much so that you can see the sweat pouring down the actors faces, and if you’re lucky, you might even get pulled onto the stage to join in an impromptu game of charades or Pictionary!

The show had me hooked from the start, when I noticed the small drip of water above the stage, which I originally thought was a glitch. It wasn’t until the show started, and then water started being splashed around the stage that I realized it was part of the show (d’uh)!

The talent of the cast is first class – the cast is small, only 10 people, whom are nearly all always on stage (or spread throughout the theatre singing on the stairs, as is common in ‘theatre in the round’ style), and whom all have amazing, beautiful strong voices. The casting couldn’t be more spot on, with Hunter Parrish playing Jesus, in the best male lead I’ve seen to date on the Broadway circuit. His voice is smooth and polish, but loud and authoritative. He plays the role of Jesus with such passion, and makes you believe.

Telly Leung, who you may recognize from Glee fame, has a voice that is almost angelic. Throughout the show I couldn’t stop myself from watching him and listening to his amazing voice. The same can definitely be said, not only for Telly and theatre newcomer Anna Maria Perez de Tagle, best known for her parts in Hannah Montana and the Camp Rock Disney movies, whose vocals in “Day By Day” had me wanting to buy a cast album (which excitingly is currently in the works!), but for Jazz singer Lindsay Mendez, who surprised me with her KILLER voice.

The show, which I went into with basically no expectations of, was something that I will definitely be back to see. Not since Wicked (which I have seen 20+ times) has there been a show that I have walked out of, wanting to go back, and to take people with me to introduce them to the amazingness that is this show.

And so I leave you with the top 5 reasons that you SHOULD NOT miss Godspell on Broadway…

  1. Hunter Parrish’s smile. You laugh at me now, but just wait. You will be wanting to marry Jesus… errr.. Hunter, by the time the show is over!
  2. There are trampolines. Built into the stage. Seriously.
  3. The stage-side cushion seats, for those who are into that sort of thing, or for those who prefer a seat, the intimate “in the round” theatre style, where every seat is a great one!
  4. The new musical arrangements, and current pop culture humor, which had me in hysterics!
  5. And of course, not to be overlooked, the amazing talent of the entire cast, from vocals to acting, and everything in between.

Oh, and as a bonus, the actors are all amazingly friendly, and more than happy to sign autographs and take pictures after the show. Here some pictures I got after the show! Enjoy!

The charasmatic Hunter Parrish

The amazing Telly Leung

The beautiful Anna Maria Perez de Tagle

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