Ideas – how to survive a New England winter, v 2.Australia

It’s 4pm and I just took the kids around the block for a walk. It’s 3 degrees out there, and in relation to yesterday morning, when it was -6 when I dropped the kids at school, that’s warm. Haha – yeah right. After only 10 minutes outside my face feels frostbitten and I want to dive into a hot shower.

So, in response to that, here are some ideas that I came up with to try and do to survive a New England winter:

  1. Invest in a balaclava. I am seriously considering doing this. Don’t laugh, frostbite is serious business.
  2. Buy shares in a skincare company. My skin is already starting to crack and dry out, something I only experience in this extremely cold/dry weather.
  3. Invest in a seasonal boyfriend. Someone to snuggle with and keep my toes warm at night. Yeah, okay, maybe not…
  4. Spray lots and lots of hairspray, deodorant and Pam, thus creating a hole in the ozone layer, changing the seasons, and making it summer here. Or something like that. Wait, does this side of the world even have an ozone layer, or is that purely an Australian thing (or a made up thing!)
  5. Start my own in-home daycare. That way I could do my job without leaving the house, and save my host parents money on school fees. Just ignore the fact that it would be illegal and against my visa stipulations… *twiddles thumbs*
  6. Convince my host family to move somewhere warm. Like Australia! Or even Florida or California would be good. Just for the summer, then we could come back. I’d like that.
  7. If all else fails, hibernate. You know, like all the furry animals do. Dig a hole somewhere (my bedroom) and not wake up until it’s above 10 degrees every day (ie. April or May some time)…

Yeah okay, I get it. I’m going to freeze. But that won’t stop me making jokes about how I don’t believe in snow or winter, and how I don’t plan on leaving the house for 3 months when it finally does decide to snow!

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2 Responses to Ideas – how to survive a New England winter, v 2.Australia

  1. Lillie says:

    So is it really that bad!? I’m coming from Perth & can hardly tolerate our winter which rarely ever gets under 16 celcius during the day! I would love to get a family in new England but not sure if I could handle the winter! Do you ever find yourself wishing you were in California or something or is it tolerable? I really appreciate your perspective 🙂

    • Cyndi says:

      It’s not that bad. I mean, there are some days that are COLD, but if you wear the right clothes you are ok – and on days when it’s really cold (like the other day it only got up to about -8C) you don’t really hang out outside!

      Sometimes I wish I was in Australia (haha) when there are people bragging that it’s like 30 degrees there, but it’s actually kind of fun to be able to experience the cold – plus in California you’d never experience snow (something that I thought was a big part of the US experience and one of the reasons I really wanted to be in a place that it snowed) and all the things you can do in it, like sledding, making snowmen and snow angels and stuff like that (like even experiencing the first time it snows!)

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