Florida Vacation Day 2 – “THIS IS NOT SAFE!”

Vacation, day 2, and we were ready to head to the beach. Ready, that is, until Carmen discovered she’d lost her camera case (remember my description of our make-shift purses in the previous blog, that we were using to carry our cash, ID, bank cards etc?). And all of a sudden, our beach day was foiled. You think that if you lose your wallet that you just call your bank, have your cards cancelled, and get on with your day. Except that when you are a long way from home, and can’t get a replacement bank card because your only form of ID was lost as well, you’re in trouble. And thus, we spent pretty much all day Tuesday driving around Orlando. For what felt like FOREVER.

First we went to the police station, where they told us that because we’d lost it in Osceola county, it was out of their jurisdiction (really? Lame.) so we had to go to the sheriffs office, which was 11 miles back in the direction we had just come (seriously? Ugh.) Then, after Carmen had made the police report (which once we got to the sheriffs office, actually was a pretty quick process), we went to the bank, to try and get her card replaced. So after she waited AN HOUR AND A HALF they tell her that even with a police report, a copy of her license faxed over from the insurance company, and a college ID with her picture on it, the best they could do was give her $100 from her account and send her on her way. I guess at least that makes me feel like my money is safe!

We went to Sonic for lunch (alllwwwwaaaayyyys a bad choice) and then went back to the apartment. I was in a bad mood by this point, because although Carmen had apologized that she had lost her things and wasted our morning, by this point I had been driving around for nearly 5 hours, driven nearly 150km and not been thanked. I don’t know about you (reading this), but pretty much every time I go out with someone, when they drop me home I thank them for driving – not sure if I’m being anal here, but I just think it common courtesy.

We went back to the apartment, and on a whim as we drove in past the pool, we stopped the car and decided to jump in the hot tub, since we were all already in our bikinis because of our earlier plans to go to the beach. Larissa and Chrissie were keen enough to jump in the pool (which was freezing), but I was smart enough not to! We sat in the hot tub for about 15 or 20 minutes before getting out – it really was HOT!

Me, Larissa and Carmen in the hot tub...

I felt a little bit sick after that (my body doesn’t have very good tolerance to super hot baths (or hot tubs, apparently) so I went and napped for a while, and after a quick dinner of bagels, we headed off to Sea World for the night. The good thing about our Sea World tickets were that you paid for one day, and got one free, so since we had only planned on going one day originally, the extra was a bonus, and being able to just go at night was great.

Sea World was a big surprise. The two rollercoasters at Sea World (Kraken and Manta) and probably the best in all of Orlando (that I have ridden, anyway). Kraken is a fast, floorless coaster, and Manta is a lying down coaster, to simulate the gliding feeling of a manta ray as it goes through the water. I was initially scared of Manta, but after riding, was excited to ride again straight away!

Ready to ride "Manta"!

Riding Kraken in the front row!

Sea World is gorgeous at night in the holidays, with a sea of lighted trees and lots of Christmas decorations and ‘winter’ effects. The Orca show we saw was great, and I have a new love for the whales. It was great to be able to wander the park, not only after dark, but with only a handful of other people – the lines were short, if existent at all, and there was lots of space to walk!

The pretty Sea World Christmas trees on the water

After the whale show we headed to the kids part of the park, where they have a huge play area with these crazy nets that you can climb up and over three stories above the ground – and they were CREEPY! In the end we were freaked out and had to get down. Then we rode the kids Orca rollercoaster, which is one of those 30 second little coasters with a lap bar. So amused by Carmen, who, as we headed down the first little hill, yelled “THIS IS NOT SAFE!” ‘This is not safe’ became our catch cry for any kiddie ride we went on for the rest of the trip!


We left just before midnight, and I bought a whale. Not a real one… but maybe one day 🙂

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