My first American sports game – Celtics vs. OKC Thunder, and the night I walked a mile in the snow!

The last few days have been a bit all over the place – and by that I mean mainly spent in bed. Miss 3 caught what we thought was a cold from her cousin over Christmas, and passed it on to her brother, and, after I spent days with both of them home sick from school (on separate occasions over the last few weeks) it was inevitable that I would catch it – and that I did. Early last week I got a sore throat, and then progressively got worse through the week. I worked through it because both my host parents were super busy at work, and I felt bad for either one of them having to take a day off (and I figured that since I was hanging out with a sick kid most of the time, we could just take it easy and hang around the house) but by Saturday I was really feeling it, and half-slept through my Saturday morning class (more on that later). We got out early, I came home, and slept from 2:30 until 5:30, and then the girls came over for dinner and football (which turned into dinner and The Bachelor, lol!)… and then I went back to bed, and slept until 10am on Sunday. I went to the hospital, spent a few hours there getting checked out and diagnosed (Sinus Infection, Chest Infection and the onset of Pneumonia) and then came home back to bed.

So Monday morning, I get up, and my host mom asks if I need to stay in bed, or if I feel well enough to work. I don’t feel well enough to work, and I reaaaalllly want to stay in bed, but there is something forcing me to work – the pair of tickets to the Celtics/OKC basketball game I have in my wallet. And I tell my host mom that – I tell her that I want to go to the basketball, so I know I need to work. Haha.

Last time I went to TD Garden (to see the Foo Fighters) I caught the commuter rail in, but at night it only runs at 10:30pm and then at 12:15pm, and I was afraid that the game would finish just after 10:30 and we’d be stuck waiting over an hour for a train, so we decided to drive in and park in Cambridge, and walk the mile to the Garden. Going in to the game, it was -5C, and I’d layered up in 2 long sleeved tees, a basketball jersey, my coat, plus a hat, mittens and scarf, and it was still a chilly walk across the bridge (I’m pretty sure I couldn’t feel my legs from about half way across the bridge until we got to our seats inside)!


The game was so much fun. I always feel a little strange when I am in a home-team crowd, wearing the opposition colours (I look terrible in green!), but the guys (lots and lots of guys!) sitting around us were nice and chatted to us, explained parts of the games we didn’t understand and stuff like that. The seats we got (4th row in the balcony, kinda on the corner of the court) were actually really great and we could see everything from up there, including when Durant lost a shoe and kept playing!

Maria & I!

The intensity of the crowd is insane – everyone is so into it, the cheering, the yelling; the whole atmosphere is electric, and exactly how it is in those stereotypical American movies, all the way down to the music they play, the big screens that encourage the crowd to scream and yell, the over-the-top announcing – “ROOONNNNNDOOOOO!” – it’s all so much fun, and it’s so easy to get caught up in all the excitement.

Going for the shot

The game was so close, with the lead changing 3 times, and the scores being tied 3 times. And in the end, OKC pulled through, shot a handful of 3-pointers in the last 2 minutes of the game, and took it home 97-88 over the Celtics. Good game boys.

So after we got on our way, there was no way I had even contemplated the fact that it might be snowing outside. The Garden isn’t like the MCG, where you are out there in the elements, and you know if it’s raining or windy (or snowing!) – it’s completely indoors, and you have no idea… until you get out there. And I was blown away to see an inch of snow on the ground, and it flying around in the sky… and we had to walk a mile in it.

Stepping outside into the snow!

At first I freaked out, not only at the thought of having to walk a mile in the snow, but more for the fact that I had to drive 15 miles home, in the snow. Eek. That left my mind for a minute, though, after we frolicked in the snow and stopped to take some photos. The temperature had actually rose to 2 degrees, and the snow was coming down fast. By the time we got to the Cambridge side of the bridge we were covered in snow, and after stopping to draw a couple of ‘pictures’ in the snow, and take a few more photos, we got to the car (which was, luckily, inside, so not covered in snow! Yay!). And that’s when the fun began.

Maria & I - snowcovered!

I have this way of being in strange places when it snows. The first time it snowed when I was in New York in 2010 I was 20 minutes from home at Walmart, and had to drive the 20 miles home on a pitch black road next to the river. This was nearly as creepy. It was after 11pm, so it was pretty much deserted. Everyone was driving slowly, the roads hadn’t been plowed yet, and the snow was flying around like crazy. The first time I tried to use the brakes the ABS kicked in, and did something weird, freaking me out for a bit. But, after nearly an hour, I made it to Maria’s, dropped her home, and then drove home through Lexington.

Lexington at night, pre-plowing...

There is something about the snow that makes it feel magical. It’s almost like the snow blocks out the sounds of the world, and when there are no cars around, you can stand on a snow-filled road in almost-silence, and just take it all in. There is a beauty in snow falling from the sky through the street lights, a beauty in a street filled with clean, unblemished snow, that hasn’t been walked in or driven through. There is something about snow that makes you want to grab the person you love, and spin around and catch snowflakes on your tongue. There is something about snow that makes you forget how cold it is, and just enjoy the beauty of it all.

Snow is so magical!


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