Just a little sidetrack to snowsville…

I know I am nearly 3 weeks behind on finishing up my Florida blogs (I know, soon, I promise!) but I just wanted to take a minute out to expand on something I said my last blog.

I love snow. I don’t love snow when you have 3 feet of it in your front yard that you have to shovel, or when it melts and then floods the roads, and then freezes again to make big ice slicks. I don’t like it when kids trample it into the house, and your socks get all wet. And I don’t like it when it knocks out power.

But I do like it when it falls. Whenever it snows, I am torn between bundling up and running outside and seeing if I can catch the snowflakes on my gloved hands and tongue, or sitting inside, in the 69-degree (F) warmth of the house watching it through the window.

Snow sparkles. And, as I found out this afternoon, when it snows through the rays of the sun, it glitters!

So really, this 200 words is nothing but a little bit of appreciation for one of the things I find beautiful. SNOW.

That is all.

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