Florida Day 4 – Seaworld in a Wheelchair…

I went to Florida. Remember? I know, it’s been over a month since I got back, but January has gone quickly, and I’ve finally found time to try and put the last few days in Florida on my blog!

Dolphin show at Seaworld

By the time we left Disney on Wednesday night/Thursday morning, my feet were well and truly broken. I had blisters on my toes, blisters on the balls of my feet, blisters everywhere. So the plans for Thursday were a little up in the air.

We slept in (due to not getting home from Disney until after 2am) and then decided that we’d go to Seaworld for the day. It wasn’t really until I limped through the front gates that we realised that our jokes about needing a wheelchair were not really a joke – I really was not in any state to walk around Seaworld for the day.

It was a lot busier during the day (not surprisingly) than it had been when we had come at night earlier in the week. What I really wanted to get was one of those electronic wheelchairs, but they were pretty expensive, so with Christina agreeing to push me around all day (bless her) we got a manual wheelchair. Haha.

Plusses of being in a wheelchair are minimal. I mean, when you are walking around a theme park for 12 hours, you look jealously upon those disabled/lazy/rich people riding around on the motorized scooters. But when you are actually in a wheelchair, it’s a different story.

Firstly, I couldn’t go anywhere on my own, other than a few meters on a flat path. Uphill was impossible (damn you lack of upper-body muscles) and downhill was even worse, because there was no way of stopping yourself from getting out of control. It’s horrible to be an adult and to have to rely on someone else to push you around.

We did get to skip the line on Manta, the lying-down roller coaster, since the line is narrow and involves stairs, but even then, the elevator to the loading zone wasn’t working properly and we ended up stuck at the top of the landing for 10 or 15 minutes (and even if I could have hobbled down the stairs, there was no way of getting the wheelchair down). We did ride Manta a couple of times, and it was even more scary in the daytime, but a lot of fun!

Yes, I really got a wheelchair...

We saw both the daytime Orca show (on the Monday we saw the nighttime one) and the Dolphin show, which involved people dressed up as birds and platform diving and all sorts of weird things. Getting around in the wheelchair got frustrating, and we weren’t really up for waiting in long lines, so we vetoed a few rides. We tried to ride the log-flume ride, but when we went to line up for it it was closed, so we passed on that as well.

We headed home after about 6 hours, and made shepherd’s pie for dinner. I guess it was a pretty uneventful day (and can be seen by the lack of photos)… and thankfully when we got home I was able to walk up the stairs without much pain – a day off my feet had helped!

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