What are you looking for? [ripping to pieces the stats of usacyndistyle…]

So, as per my previous post, I am fascinated with the ‘stats’ of my website – how many people visit, what they read, and how they get here. Particularly that last one. See, wordpress kindly gives me a list of the search terms that lead people to my blog via google and other search engines. Some are normal. Some are predictable. And some are just downright WEIRD.

So, as a form of procrastination from whatever it is I should be doing (uni work anyone?) I wanted to show you a few lists…

Top 5 Search Terms that lead people to usacyndistyle

  • Homesick/Homesickness
  • Usacyndistyle
  • Colbie Caillat
  • Taylor Hanson
  •  Hunter Parrish
  • (Followed closely at 6 by ‘au pair’, haha!)

Nothing surprising there really. Hope all those people fawning over pictures of me with Hunter Parrish (and Taylor Hanson, for that matter) are jealous 😉

Now, more interestingly, this is my favourite. A list of the very STRANGE search terms, that somehow lead people here!

The Funniest Search Terms that lead people to usacyndistyle

  • Colbie Caillat Shorts [yes, ok, she wore ugly shorts the night I saw her perform.]
  • Tragic Fashion Victims [I actually like this one! I hope they got a kick out of the girl at Disney and her shrek like monstrosity!]
  • Took My Shoes Off [I guess they probably weren’t really looking for a post about walking barefoot with 1990’s MMMBoppers, Hanson].
  • Burka Fashion and Birka Bikini [other ways to get to the Fashion Victims of Disney post I guess… hope they weren’t too offended!]
  • usacindystyle.wordpress.com [LEARN TO SPELL MY NAME PLEASE!]
  • Bikini Doggy Style [Really people? Ugh. You disgust me.]
  • Trashy Teens [uhh…]
  • Turkey Pumpkin Wear [I have no idea about this one either…]
  • Thigh Au Pair [Do you think they meant Thai?]
  • Taylor Swift Humps [Is she covered the Black Eyed Peas these days? Or someone is wishing she was?]
  • Completely Fun and Soaking Wet Girls [I hope they enjoyed the picture of my friends and I at a theme park, FULLY CLOTHED. Dirty people.]

Haha. Some people make me wonder.

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1 Response to What are you looking for? [ripping to pieces the stats of usacyndistyle…]

  1. Jazmin says:

    Haha :-p

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