KONY 2012 – for real, or opportunistic?

Earlier this morning, this post was one calling people to watch the below video, and ‘do something’. Only a few hours later, it came across my mind that I’m not usually a person to act without researching – when I buy something, I make sure I am getting what I want, by researching it online before I spend my hard earned money. And so why would this be any different? Why, before you whip out your credit card to spend $30 on a tshirt and a bracelet, wouldn’t you do a little bit of background reading?

And, what I found kind of freaked me out. Over 4 million people had watched this YouTube video in the 2 days it had been up. And how many of them do you think though ‘I’ll do my own investigation into this’ before following the crowd to repost it on their YouTube pages?

Not many obviously. But apparently these people did.


And these people


And these people


And these ones too…


Edit: Here’s one more link that I found… http://jezebel.com/5891269/think-twice-before-donating-to-kony-2012-the-meme-du-jour

Last year the ‘not-for-profit’ organisation behind KONY 2012 spent over $8 million. EIGHT MILLION DOLLARS. And only 31% of that money went to helping children in Uganda. The rest was spent on travel, staff costs, video production and travel.

So I don’t know what I think anymore. The video is below. Watch it. Don’t watch it. It’s your choice. But just make sure that you do your own research before you make a descision. I know I wish I had.

Note: I know this is not obviously the popular opinion. Hate on me for it. I don’t really care. But I just wanted to say that I have done the reading now on BOTH SIDES, and have made up my mind to not necessarily follow something blindly just because everyone else is. Don’t judge me until you have done the same.

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3 Responses to KONY 2012 – for real, or opportunistic?

  1. ahimsamaven says:

    Thanks for the link and also thanks for caring about the issue at hand which has become blind activism more than it has become child soldiers and the violence in Uganda…kind of sad that it has because this could have been a great campaign if it was done in an appropriate way.

  2. Martin says:

    You’re such a cynic Cyndi hahaha. Does anyone who donates to their church basket really know where their money is going? Or really even care? Most of us just give blindly in the hope it’s going to do some good. Which would you rather contribute to… war or justice? I like the poster, might buy one for my garage. =)

    • Cyndi says:

      I agree to disagree. Not sure about the church you go to, but my church in Sydney put out a financial statement of where all the money went 😉 Sounds like you’re going to a dodgy church bro… LoL.

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