Hitting the big TWO-OH-OH-OH-OH, Footy’s Back… oh, and so are HANSON!

Good morning from the comfy-ness of my bed. I don’t know how the clock feature works on this blog, but yes, I am blogging at 6am.

Firstly, thanks to everyone who has read my blog over the last 18 months. I finally hit 20,000 views overnight yesterday, which put a big smile on my face. It’s been so nice to hear your comments on my writing, and that a lot of you enjoy reading about my adventures. To those of you that come to my blog primarily for au pair advice and information, thanks to you to, and I hope my blog has been helpful! More on this later!

The footy season has officially started back at home, hence my being up so early. I found a website that you can stream live games from, and so at 4:45am my alarm went off, I turned my computer on, and snuggled down to the first Richmond game of the season in my Tigers hoodie.

Footy is Back!

And then, wouldn’t you know it, twitter starts blowing up about Hanson. Yes, HANSON are coming back to Australia. Sunrise is supposed to have a *big* announcement tomorrow morning, but it seems like Ticketek jumped the gun and posted the details of one show early! Slight hiccup, since I’ll be in Broken Hill on prac, but it’s been 7 years since Hanson were on our shores and I won’t miss this for this world. I’ll be seeing you in September boys!


That’s really all I have to say. My brain doesn’t really function that well this early.


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5 Responses to Hitting the big TWO-OH-OH-OH-OH, Footy’s Back… oh, and so are HANSON!

  1. Kelly says:


  2. crazyblonde88 says:


  3. Sarah says:

    How did you find this??? I tried Ticketek…and NOTHING! it hurts…it really hurts my head LOL

    I was 6 months up the duff last time they were here….didn’t stop me standing with several hundred other mental patients in front of the stage……

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