Today is NOT a day for procrastinating…

There will be no blogs for the next few days, which is sad, because I do my best blog writing when I am supposed to be doing something else – namely writing papers for school.

But, since my next paper, which consists of THREE math lesson plans (ugh) is due in less than 48 hours, I need to get working on it.

So, I’ve kicked myself out of my bedroom (too many distractions) and set myself up in the basement to get this done.

Leave me inspiring comments, and I might just get it done fast, and be able to come back here and write about my weekend at the Silver Bay weekend class!

– From the (temporary) desk of Cyndi. Over and out.

PS. So grateful my host mom has started working from home, because it means we have this AWESOME office chair that I have pilfered from her “office” to use for the weekend!

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