Happy 1st Birthday, Ted!

Ted is my Special

On April 21, Ted celebrated his 1st birthday.

Ted doesn’t show his face in my blog very often, but that doesn’t mean he’s not well known. Actually, Ted is quite well known amongst my close friends, if not for his chocolate loving tendencies, then for the fact that he has visited 4 countries in the past year, with trips including New York City, Quebec City, Nashville and Florida.

Ted was given to me as a very special gift, and since I got him on April 21st last year, he has gone pretty much everywhere with me. I know, sounds weird, 27 year old “woman” (gag, I sound so old) dragging a teddy bear around with her. But Ted reminds me that I am super loved, and even though sometimes he gets naked in bed (by losing his tie in the middle of the night) he’s super special to me.

Blowing out Ted's candle

So to celebrate, we threw Ted a “party” on the weekend. The party consisted of a personal mini pavlova in a cupcake wrapper for Ted, a few of his closest friends (haha, thanks to Chrissie and my host dad for their contributions of ‘friends’ to the party) and then lunch at the Cheesecake Factory, where we ate, and he watched. Yeah.

Ted and all his friends (haha)!

So happy birthday Ted. Thanks for the year you’ve spent with me. xoxoxo

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