Home Sweet Home!

Hi! Remember me?

I know, it’s been a while since I’ve blogged. And since I last wrote, a lot has happened, and at the same time, not much has happened! Ha!

Oh yeah. And I’m not in America anymore. I’m home. And by home, I mean Australia. So I guess the whole “USA Cyndi Style” thing is out the window. But I have so much love for this blog and it’s 28,000+ views (THANK YOU ALL!) that I couldn’t abandon it and start something new, so here I am, Australia-side, but still here.

Broken Hill – raining one minute, rainbows the next!

I flew home over a month ago, and have been spending time with my family and friends in Broken Hill. It was really nice being able to come home and recover after my surgery – after 3 weeks in the US of lying around and waiting to be allowed to fly home, it was nice to be home with my mum to cook dinner for me and to be able to sleep in my own bed!

I spent 4 weeks doing pretty much nothing, other than sleeping, watching TV, hanging out with my friends and a bit of uni work. Let me rephrase that. I spent 3 weeks watching tv and sleeping, and a week stressing out because I hadn’t done enough uni work in the 6 weeks I had spent doing pretty much nothing else! Oops!

My sister Jazmin is also only 6 weeks off from having her baby, and we had a very successful baby shower for her last weekend!

I’m now in the throes of getting ready to start a new job, as well as trying to successfully get through another university semester AND get through my first professional experience (prac) as well. And that, my friends, you will hear about in my next post. And I promise you, that since I don’t have any lesson plans to write tonight (Friday tomorrow, yay!) that will only be a few hours away, not a few months away!

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