Conversations with Mr. 4 about Taylor Swift’s new album “Red”

Taylor Swift’s new album came out a few weeks ago. October 22nd, my 28th birthday, to be exact. And since then, a copy has been on repeat in the CD player in my car.

I’ve been listening to ‘Red’ a lot, and therefore, so have the kids that I nanny for. Mr 4 is a bit of a new Taylor Swift fan, and after a fair amount of time spent in my car, has learnt the words to quite a few songs, and even has a few favourites.

Yesterday I decided it was time to give the bonus tracks a little bit of airtime, so I switched the CD in the car. And it didn’t take Mr 4 long to figure out that I’d changed the CD.

This morning he asked me if I could put “his” song on – Track 9, Stay Stay Stay (also refered to as “the Wah-Wah” song). I explained that it was on the other CD, and that I couldn’t change it while I drove. He contemplated that for a while, and said, “Okay, when we get there then you can change it”, and I agreed.

But I didn’t change it. And so after we were finished ‘there’, we got back in the car, and started driving home. And then he realised something.

Mr 4 – “Hey, this song [Treacherous] is on the other CD too.”

Me – “Yeah it is.”

Mr 4  “How  come?”

Me – “Because it’s a different version.”

Mr 4 – “Oh, a different birgin (sic)… where is the different birgin of the Wah-Wah song? They haven’t made it yet right?”

Me – “Err… that’s right.”

Mr 4 – “You have to tell her to make it, right? You have to ring her up, today or tomorrow, and tell her to make the different birgin of the wah-wah song.”

Me – “Umm… something like that.”

This kid cracks me up. He thinks that I can just ring up Taylor Swift, today or tomorrow, and ask her to record a different birgin of “Stay Stay Stay”. Funny one kid.

In case you haven’t heard or bought it yet, Taylor Swift’s new album RED is available on iTunes now. Buy it here!

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