The year that was [my au pair year in photos]

Most of you probably didn’t notice, but I failed to post my annual humble brag letter this year. In all the craziness of the last few months, I never felt the drive, not the need to write one. Usually I am onto it in late October, or early November, writing down the highlights of my year, the travel I’ve done, the concerts I’ve seen. However this year it didn’t seem so important.

You see this year, I realised that what I wrote didn’t really matter. The few of you that are interested in my life read this blog when I update it, which means that you know most of what I’ve been doing in the last year.

So instead, I thought that instead of writing about what I’ve done in the last year, that I’d finish up the photo montage of my time in the USA that I started in July, and share it here. I warn you, it’s long, about 13 minutes. And the quality is crappy, because even though the file was nearly 500MB and it took nearly 3 hours to upload to YouTube, somehow it’s still crappy quality. But you get the idea. And you’ve probably seen most of the photos before anyhow. Usually I wouldn’t upload something of such crappy quality here, but I spent a bunch of hours making it, and then a bunch more hours waiting for it to upload. So deal.

So here it is. My American Au Pair Year in photos. Crappy quality photos that is.

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