2012, the year that was at ‘usacyndistyle’

I got my wordpress report today, which tells me how many views I’ve had in 2012 [18,000], where most of my readers come from [USA, followed closely by Australia and Germany], who my number one fan is [the person who posted the most comments in 2012, Veronica Alfonzetti] and a whole bunch of other kind of pointless junk you don’t really need to know.

Thanks to everyone who has ‘read’ me over the last 2 years. Thanks to everyone who visited on March 9, when I got my highest amount of views in a day [402]. Thanks to everyone who read my blog on Au Pair Taxes, which was the most read of the year. Zzzz… BORING!

Thanks to everyone who came from Facebook and Twitter, and a shoutout to the au pair who owns this blog (which is in some strange language that I can’t figure out how to read, even using Google Translate) that brought in the most hits outside of Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks to the people from [89] countries who read my blog. 89. Wow. That is a lot.

And last but not least, thanks to the person who visited my blog just this morning from searching “Can you wear underwear when you have gallbladder surgery?” I can answer that one for you right here, my friend: No, no you can not.

I may not be in America anymore, but I am still doing everything “Cyndi Style” and will continue to write about my interesting life happenings (like that one time when I caught a $250 taxi ride in a blizzard) here in 2012.

Happy New Year everyone.


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