I’m baaaaaaccccckkkk [New York, New York… it’s a hell of a town]

I’m back! In the USA that is! Crazy, right?

I haven’t blogged in a year, and life has been pretty insane! I’ve spent the last year focusing on uni and I’m FINALLY 3 subjects (count ’em, 1… 2… 3…!) away from graduating with my Bachelor of Primary Education. That funky flat topped graduation hat is only inches out of my reach and when I close my eyes I can visualise myself in it!

But, that said, I’ve recently had that all too familiar itching to come back to the land of the free. And very recently I was offered what some would consider a pretty damn good opportunity – the opportunity to return to the US with an Australian family, set up camp in New York City for a few weeks, and help out with some gorgeous little boys. Who could say no to that?

We left Australia a week ago, and have spent the week in to an apartment in Chelsea, just 10 minutes walk from Herald Square and the Empire State Building. This weekend we are moving up to the Upper East Side into another apartment for the rest of our stay, close to Central Park.

The view from the corner of 33rd & 8th, 3 blocks from our Chelsea apartment!

The view from the corner of 33rd Street & 8th Avenue, 3 blocks from our Chelsea apartment!

The weather has been cold, wet and snowy – all that you’d expect of winter. A huge storm blew through the day before we arrived, so getting out of our car after arriving from the airport we had to climb over snow drifts to get to the sidewalk. The day after we arrived it snowed again – not enough to cause any major hassles, but enough that when I purposely went walking in it I had to pull up the hood of my coat and walk with my face down to stop myself from being sprayed in the face and slipping over.

We were surprised today by a bit of a warm snap (7C) along with rain, which in turn made a large majority of the snow melt, and created huge puddles everywhere – not great when the only shoes you brought were sneakers and thongs! The “warm” (in comparison to the high of -2C of Saturday) weather is going to continue through this weekend, and then next week we’ll swap it back for days that don’t get above freezing and nights where the temperature drops down as far as -12c (eek)!

Out walking in the snow!

Out walking in the snow!

It’s great to be back, and this time around I feel a little less ‘tourist’ and a little more ‘at home’. It’s been more than 3 years since my first visit to New York that I blogged about, and I’m excited to re-visit those things that I squished into 4 days here, and discover all sorts of new things that NYC has to offer!

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