Putting my camera into manual mode [My very first photography class]

Five months ago I became the owner of my first DSLR camera. And in those 5 months I have taken a handful of ‘nice’ photos using the camera on its automatic setting. But that’s it.

Six weeks in NYC is a long time to be here and fill all your ‘spare time’ with touristy things, so I decided that rather than the usual bus tours I wanted to do something a bit different while I was here, and so I looked into photography tours. Something didn’t ‘feel’ quite right about marching around the city with a group of others and being told where to stand to get the best shot of the Empire State Building, just to create a cookie-cutter image the same as the person next to you, so when I came across The Art of Intuitive Photography website I became a little bit excited, and quickly bit the proverbial bullet and signed up for the beginners class.

The class was taken by Mindy Véissid, who was wonderful. There were only 2 of us, and the class went for 3 hours. As someone who had never used a camera out of automatic mode, I was surprised with how quickly I picked up what I needed to do to get a decent shot, and it actually made sense!

The small amount of ‘theory’ that Mindy ‘taught’ us was backed up with practical exercises where we took some photos in the immediate area. I think Mindy was amused by my almost childlike excitement when I realised what the camera could do with just a few clicks of a wheel!

One of the photos I took in my photography class with Mindy

One of the photos I took in my photography class with Mindy

Mindy works ‘intuitively’ rather than mathematically, following her intuition to capture moments, rather than a formula to get a technically ‘good’ photo. If you are in NYC and have an interest in photography I would encourage you to have a look at her website and what she is about. Now that I have taken the beginners class, I am already feeling more confident with my camera, and am looking forward to taking one or two of Mindy’s ‘intuitive’ photography classes before we leave NYC.

Post-class photos from our apartment!

Post-class photos from our apartment!

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